12 Spectacular Shortcakes

By Happy Eats
Created March 1, 2017
Twelve of Tablespoon's spectacular shortcake recipes. From the classic strawberry shortcake to a dark chocolate shortcake. MORE+ LESS-

Strawberry and shortcake are a summertime match made in heaven. Fresh fruit taste with light hearted sweetness and substance.

But if you think shortcake starts and ends with strawberries, it’s time you were set on a path to some new beginnings, full of the wonder that is shortcake and all the lovely things that go with it.

1. Roasted Rhubarb Shortcake

It’s hard to blame rhubarb for being so tart. After all, it’s what wins it so much attention. But the mellowing agent of sugar, shortcake and cream brings it into a toothsome and tangy balance, revealing it’s really a very sweet tart.


2. Dark Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes with Amaretto Cream

Strawberries have expanded their long-standing partnership with Shortcake to include their talented associate Dark Chocolate. Adding in the skills of Amaretto, it promises to be an irresistible new venture.


3. Rainbow Strawberry Shortcake Treats

What does a rainbow taste like? Sandwiched with strawberries and cream, it’s refreshing and yummy and the perfect tiny treat. Just like strawberry shortcake, but with even more eye-catching appeal.


4. Blackberry Shortcake

When is dessert good for you? When it’s chockfull of one of the healthiest berries around. Blackberries have it all: vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more. Get your shortcake and your daily recommended amount of mm-good with good-for-you, too.


5. Red, White and Blue Shortcake Stars

There’s nothing more inspiring than the old red, white, and blue. This loyal interpretation of the Stars and Stripes includes star-shaped shortbread atop red strawberries, white whipped creaming, and blueberries. Patriotism is so delicious.


6. Mango-Lime Shortcakes

When shortcake goes on summer vacation, it brings back exotic flavors like mango and lime. So now you can bring the tropical right into your kitchen with this cheerful, mouthwatering souvenir.


7. Chocolate Chip Berry Shortcakes

Whoa. Hold on a minute. Is this like taking all the goodness of berries, shortcake, and whip cream, and then drizzling (or just plain drenching) the whole thing in chocolate sauce? Yes?! Wow. Dreams really do come true.


8. "Healthified" Strawberry Shortcake Squares

Have your shortcake and eat it too. This recipe has 60% less fat and 30% fewer calories than the standard recipe. Add in 100% of the fruity freshness and taste you dream of, and you are totally coming out ahead on this one.


9. Strawberry Shortcake with Almond Glaze

If an individual-sized dessert leaves you wanting more, then here’s an entire cake you’ll be happy to share. The twist on this is the almond icing that gets everywhere, seeping into the cake and covering the strawberries in a glaze of almond glory.


10. Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Shoot! Now don’t these lil’ strawberry shortcakes perched in shot glasses look ever so sweet? Don’t you just wanna eat ‘em right up? So pick up your fork and take aim at some pure delight.


11. Blueberry Muffin Shortcakes

If breakfast and dessert had a mash-up, this would definitely be the result. The friendly wake-up of a blueberry muffin, the inviting goodness of berries, and of course, whipped topping. The day is looking pretty bright now.


12. Bananas Foster Biscuit Shortcakes

When humble biscuits meet the flamboyance of Bananas Foster, something special happens. You get a good hard-working dessert, aimed at simple satisfaction, with the excitement of a dessert that could almost burst into flames with enthusiasm.