15 Awesome Party Pizzas

By Kimchikari
Created March 23, 2017
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You can throw a party, or you can throw a pizza party!

Young and old, everyone loves pizza. But hold up! Were you just going to use the same old circle of dough, slap some sauce on it, and dump a bunch of toppings on top? I ask you, where is the art in that? Where is the… panache?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are some awesome pizza inspirations to add pizzazz to your next party!

1. Hello Kitty Pizza

Check out these crazy artistic creations on that’ll help you think outside the pizza box!


2. Pizza Pinwheels

Take your pizza for a spin with these pinwheels.


3. Pizza Cupcakes

Pizza cupcakes are not only cute, but a delicious appetizer!


4. Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Instead of putting veggies on top of your pizza, dip your veggies in pizza!


5. Savory Breakfast Pizza

Don’t forget breakfast! Pizza is great for anytime of day.


6. Garden Pizza Bites

These bite sized make-ahead pizzas are easy and delicious.


7. Pizza Bubble Ring

Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring…of pizza.


8. Pizza Pancakes

Pancakes and pizza?! Shut the front door!


9. Grilled Fresh Vegetable Pizza

Toss this fresh veggie pizza on the grill at your next backyard barbecue.


10. Maui Paradise Pizza

Serve a slice of paradise at your next luau.


11. Rainbow Pizza

Is there anything more beautiful than a rainbow? How about a rainbow made of pizza.


12. Pizza Pretzels

A pretzel twist on the classic pizza!


13. Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Tag these pizza bites with squeezy cheese.


14. Mini Cookie Pizzas

Yummy cookies are also adorable mini pizzas!


15. Union Jack Fruit Pizza

For all you Downton Abby fanatics, serve this UK inspired fruit pizza with a nice cuppa at your next viewing party.