17 Drinks for the Big Game

Created January 26, 2017
17 Drinks for the Big Game
We've got ideas from beer to jelly shots to keep your game day party going, no matter what the score! MORE+ LESS-

Hosting the party for the big game this year? Don't do it without our drink list!

I am not going to lie to you. We’re friends and I hold you in too high a regard than to try to pull the wool over your eyes. I won’t try to convince you that I know anything about downs, yards, passing or if a tight end is called that because of the way his spandex pants fit. But I do happen to know a little sum-sum about how to party. 

First, you need an occasion. Big Game – check! You need some friends – you are clearly beautiful and popular – check! Some nosh and some super-fun beverages for the occasion – I can totally help out with drink ideas.

Check out this awesome list of lovely libations to enhance your game-day fun:


1. Bathtub Gin Fizz

Although you don't technically have to make this in a bathtub, I really think you oughta try. Lemon-lime flavors and gin combine in this bright, citrusy drink.


2. Kiwi-Jalapeno Cocktail

Feeling a little adventurous? Have a blender and a desire for a little spice in your life? Try this delicious concoction for a spicy, fruity blast made even better with dash of vodka. 


3. Sunrise Mimosas

Okay, typically this tasty treat is regulated to brunch time fun time. But you’re a rebel, captain of your own ship of destiny. That means you can have a delicious champagne mimosa whenever the heck you want! What better occasion for champagne than watching muscular men run around with an oddly shaped ball? 


4. Mangoritas

Tequila is always a good idea right?  But you don’t want it plain in a burny shot – no!  You want to zazz it up! Blend up this delicious recipe for some fruity fun.  


5. Strawberry Shortcake Martini

This cake inspired martini is delicious and super easy to make.


6. Guinness Ice Cream Float

Root beer floats take on a game-day spin when you substitute Guinness for regular root beer!


7. Root Beer Barrel Jelly Shots

You know there are going to be shots. It’s a major sporting event – I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.  People are be doing all kindsa crazy things.  Some of them will not wear shirts. Instead, they paint themselves in the colors of the team they like the best. These jelly shots won’t mess up that paint job if they spill – plus they’re totally yummy.


8. Gumdrop Cocktail

This little cocktail recipe is so versatile.  Check it – you can use a bit of food coloring and make sure your team’s colors are fully represented. And they taste like candy! That is a solid win all around. 


9. Blood Orange Ginger Beer Cocktail

Citrus and ginger beer too – in one refreshingly cool drink.


10. Ocean Margarita Jelly Shots

These cute little cubes of blue curacao, tequila and agave nectar offer your guests a shot that doubles as a finger food!


11. Lemon Ginger Tingler

One mustn’t forget about the designated drivers come game day. Try out this tongue-tantalizing beverage for the unpickled at your party.


12. Mexican Margaritas

Guaranteed to lend its strength to your cheering. Mexican margaritas FTW!


13. White Wine Sangria

This palate-pleasing punch will work wonders at your game-day party, since it makes enough for a crowd!


14. Coconut Blue Hawaiian

One of these contending teams will be wearing blue, right? Wait what, BOTH of them?  Then this cocktail, aside from tasting FAN-tastic, is an equal opportunity supporter! 


15. Crantinis

Sometimes a simple staple is best.  Nothing is as palate-pleasing as the tangy flavor of a magical crantini. 


16. Voot Beer

What do you call vodka mixed with root beer? Voot Beer, of course! Try it for game game day. It's an easy mix and delicious sip.


17. Old Fashioned

There's nothing old fashioned about it – 'cept it's name. This drink goes with any occasion, so pony up for the game!