20 Baby Cakes to Go Ga Ga Over

By Accidentally Sexy
Created March 6, 2017
20 Baby Cakes to Go Ga Ga Over
Here’s a list of 20 baby shower cakes that’ll bring the house down. MORE+ LESS-

Oh, baby, baby!

I’m getting to that age where everyone around me is multiplying – tiny humans seem to be sprouting up on everybody’s Facebook profiles. Except mine. Want to see my maternal instincts come out? Try to take away my plate at a restaurant before I’m finished.

The fact is that I can throw one amazing baby shower. I have had zero human babies, but I have carried many a food baby in my day. Cake is a thing that I understand. It’s sweet. It’s cute. And making it yourself gives you a sense of pride. Wait. Maybe I do understand babies?

Here’s a list of 20 baby shower cakes that’ll bring the house down.


1. Surprise On The Inside Gender Reveal Cake

The baby’s gender isn’t the only surprise when this cake is cut. Reveal to your family and friends whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl with a fun candy surprise.


2. Pink Almond Party Cake

This is for that baby shower that might get a little nutty… nutty… get it?


3. Baby Shower Cake

Not ready to reveal the gender of your baby, but still want to get into the blue/pink fun of it all? We have your solution. You really can have it all, sweet Tablespooner.


4. Purple-rific Cake

This cake is for a perfect for a prince and his imminent rain/reign. Bonus points if that prince is born in Minnesota.


5. Rainbow Petal Cake

This cake is as colorful as the comments during the ninth hour of labor, but will be much sweeter.


6. Vanilla Winter Cake With Gushers

Your guests will be gushing over this colorful layered cake. Have a girl on the way? Switch out the blue food coloring for a few drops of red to create a pinkish hue.


7. Marzipan Princess Cake

Raspberry preserves, vanilla pudding and almondy marzipan make this cake seem both delicate and rich… just like a princess.


8. Baby Face Cake

We’re not talking about the 90s hit producer. This is your baby’s face! And it’s cake. So, I want to put it in MY face!


9. Baby Buggy Cake

This all started with mommy and daddy sitting in a tree…


10. Baby Block Cake

Maybe you're not ready to reveal the name, but you could give them a hint with the first letter.


11. Baby’s Bib Cake

You know who’s gonna need a bib? Your guests.


12. Baby Cake – It’s a Boy!


Or, you know, maybe It’s A Girl. Either way, this cake will get your guests cooing over a sweet slice.


13. Cute Monkey Cake

It’s not going to be long before your house feels like a zoo, parent-to-be. For now, indulge in the kind of monkeying around you can serve on a plate.


14. First Birthday Lion Cake

I’m not lyin’. This is a lion. Anyway… it reminds of a practical joke: On April 1, you leave voicemail for your target saying that you just received a call from a Mr. Lyon about an issue with a new contract, a bank statement, an unpaid bill, whatever. Say that it’s urgent and give them a number to call Mr. Lyon back – the local zoo’s number!


15. Cat Cake

Meow! I know it’s an overused pun, but this cake really is purr-fect for your party!


16. Chihuahua Dog Cake

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been treating your dog like a spoiled child for most of your child-bearing years. But things are about to get a lot more real with the mini you on the way. Say goodbye to Fifi’s only-childhood in the most delicious way possible.


17. Elephant Cake

Sometimes, you just have to discuss the elephant in the room, like that your sister just broke up with her boyfriend or grandma had too much wine. But, this is your day, new parent! Distract them all with a different cake instead.


18. Rubber Ducky Cake

Not only does a rubber ducky make bathtime so much fun, but it also livens up your dessert table at a baby shower. Maybe toss a few rubber duckies in the punch bowl too!


19. Owl With Babies Cake

Who is coming to the baby shower? Who? Who? Who?


20. Panda Bear Cake

This cake is un-bear-ably cute. What better way to welcome in the new cub?