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2015 All Things Munchies

Munchies 2015 Andrew Zimmern
2015 Munchies Digest - Tablespoon

The votes have been tabulated!

See the winners!

Mash It Up!

Inspired by The Munchies nominees, we decided to mix and mash them up into recipes. You gotta try them!

Destination Food

Learn more about the 2015 nominees for Best Food City.

Chicago     |     Los Angeles     |     New Orleans     |     Portland     |    San Francisco 

Locations, Locations, Locations!

Take a peek at where past Munchies winners are located.

Take a Peek at Last Year's Winner: Best Food City 2014 - New York City!

Learn more about last year's winner for best food city, NYC! 

Check out which cities are nominated this year.

Voting for the 2015 Munchies awards kicks off at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

On Sunday, February 22nd, thousands of people (including us!) lined up to experience the best of the best in food at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. See more 

Welcome to another fun-filled year of our award-winning program, The Munchies. 

The Munchies celebrates the tastes and tastemakers that set the food world on fire in 2014. Our nominees were selected by a panel of culinary superstars and headed by Andrew Zimmern.  Here's the best part, YOU get to pick which nominees are the 2015 Munchies awards winners! 

Take a look at this year's nominees

Check out the 2015 panelists.

See the 2014 Munchies winners.

Voting will open on February 23rd. You will be able to vote daily through March 31, 2015.  We'll be eliminating nominees three times during the voting period, which means your votes matter! 

Voting starts February 23! 

Round one of voting ends March 8.  This is just a warm up! Get ready for round 2?

Round two of voting ends March 15.  Beware the Ides of…not voting. 

Round three of voting ends March 22.  Get your vote on. 

Final round closes March 31.  Be heard!!! 

Voting for each round will close at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Voting for the next round will begin on Monday at 12:01 a.m. Central Time.