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3 Best Ways to Spike Hot Chocolate

Created March 1, 2017
3 best ways to spike hot chocolate
Put a little something extra in your hot chocolate this holiday season!


Think Christmas is just for kids? These three wickedly boozy chocolate sippers will have you rethinking such thinkings. Turns out, with just a shot (or two, or three) of some creative booze combos, you can get liquored in serious style. Be warned: These quick tricks are about to make even Ugly Sweater Season some kind of beautiful.


1. KokoLoko

If you’ve ever declared your love for German chocolate cake (ahhhh, with that pecan-y caramel frosting and a faceful of cocoa) you’re about to melt into the cocoa of the century. The ingredient combo may look a bit wild here. Who’da thunk Jäg could be good for anything but frathouse boozebombs? In this delish combo, the stuff turns cocoa into cake-inspired yum num. Or whatever the word is that means, “Oooooo.Mmmmm. Delicious!”


Spike that cocoa: 1 cup hot cocoa + 1 shot Jägermeister™ + 1 shot buttershots + shot coconut rum

Upgrade it: Fill the bottom of your glass with a spoonful of Betty Crocker™ German Chocolate frosting and top with a hearty drizzle of hot fudge. Fill with boozy hot cocoa. Top with toasted coconut marshmallows, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings.


2. French Toast

If breakfast for dinner is your idea of utter splendor, boozed up breakfast for dessert may just topple your happiness levels into the ends of eternity. Again, a wild liquor combo here, but you gotta trust us. Cinnamon whiskey and Irish cream may be better than a bowl of cereal, a plate of waffles and a house made out of pancakes.


Spike that cocoa: 1 cup hot cocoa + 1 shot cinnamon whiskey + 1 shot Irish cream

Upgrade it: Slather mini cocktail toasts with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Bake until golden brown (about 4 minutes at 400ºF). Top cocoa with fresh whipped cream (spiked with a bit of pure maple syrup—even better), white chocolate drizzle, crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal and your mini toasts.


3. The Naughty Santa

Forget standing beneath the mistletoe. Sit on the couch and curl yourself around something so jolly, you may not need Santa to visit after all! Sweet whipped vodka turns a cup of cocoa into a creamy, whippy cup o’ love. Share with someone you adore. Or keep it all to yourself. You deserve every last sip.


Spike that cocoa: 1 cup hot cocoa + 2 shots whipped vodka

Upgrade it: 1 shot Kahlua™, a chocolate drizzle on the bottom of your mug, a swirl of fresh whipped cream (with half tinted red for added holiday bazinga!), red and green sprinkles. And a candy cane. Because naughty is yummy.

With so many wonderful ways to sip cocoa, isn’t it time you grabbed a mug? Hit the kitchen and stir up any one of these sweet sips. Guaranteed to make even your mother-in-law a blast to be around, these cups of cocoa are a surefire holiday winner!

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