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3 Easy Meals Using Chicken, Cauliflower and Cilantro

By TBSP Kitchens
Created March 1, 2017
Say goodbye to boring dinners. Start with 3 ingredients, then add-in and remix to create 3 easy and delicious meals!

Living the life of a grownup comes with a lot of responsibilities, and as all grownups know, time is precious. With an already full schedule, trying to plan out your weeknight meals is the last thing you want to stress over. Luckily, dinner doesn’t need to be a burden of boring repeats. Just stock up on 3 basic ingredients, then mix and match with a handful of other add-ins to create 3 completely different meals! So let us help you make the most of your weeknight meals with these easy dinner solutions.

1. Slow-Cooker Curried Chicken Soup with Cauliflower and Cilantro

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a hot, ready-to-eat meal and this hearty soup is just the thing. Simply toss the ingredients into a slow cooker and in 4-6 hours you’ll have delicious soup bubbling away.

2. Mexican Chili-Roasted Chicken, Cauliflower, Potatoes and Cilantro

Potatoes, cauliflower, and chicken get all cozy-like in this one sheet-pan dinner. Top it off with plenty of cheese for a Mexican-inspired feast.

3. Thai Noodles with Chicken and Cauliflower

A one-pot dinner delight that mixes spicy curry paste, veggies, peanuts, mint leaves, and a squeeze of lime.