5 Fun Cocktail Straws

By Michelle P
Created March 2, 2017
Drinking straws. Theyre not just for drinking anymore. Here's five ways that our underutilized friend can bring some fun to your cocktail. MORE+ LESS-

They’re for drinking AND a host of other fun things.  Our often underutilized friend, the drinking straw, may be used to:

“Stencil” a decorative pattern:

Festoon creamy drinks, ice cream drinks (or even a coffee beverage topped with milk froth) with a criss-cross pattern.  Take two short straws (mini stir-straws work particularly well) and make a cut halfway through the middle of one of the straws.  Wedge the uncut straw into the cut straw to create the cross.  Set the cross gently over the cocktail surface while dusting with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg or other sprinkles.

Remove the straw cross to reveal the pattern left on the surface.  Another option: stripes!  Just line up a few straws on the rim of the glass, and sprinkle away!  Perfect to use to create a Snickerdoodle Cookie Cocktail.

Hold your garnish:

So your cocktail has a straw AND a garnish!  How anti-feng-shui!  De-clutter your cocktail with a rigid plastic straw that is sturdy enough hold cocktail garnishes (a berry, a chunk of fruit or even bloody mary fixings like the prawn and cherry tomatoes shown here!) and allow for stylish sipping.  Make a small cut for the straw - all the way through your garnish – to avoid clogging.

Double-task as a garnish:

A piece of licorice makes a super adorable (and edible) straw for a candy-themed cocktail! Try it with a Blow Pop Martini.  Just snip ends to desired lengths and pop into the cocktail.

Simulate cocktail layering wizardry:

Ever wonder how bartenders get liqueur at the bottom of a glass of champagne without making a frothy, bubbly mess of the glass?  Me too!  Those of us without bar training and/or crazy cocktail layering skills can use a straw to transport liqueur to the bottom of the glass, for a very sophisticated looking Kir Royale.  Pour the liqueur into a glass (you want the level of the liqueur to be as tall as possible – use a funnel to return unused liqueur to the bottle afterwards).  Insert a straw into the liqueur, and cover the top end with your finger.  Insert the straw into a glass of champagne, and let go of the top end while gently drawing the straw upwards.  The liqueur will settle in the bottom of the glass.

Send a not-so-secret message:

A straw can serve as a decorative cocktail flagpole – print a cute saying, the cocktail owner’s name or picture on construction paper and cut into triangles from construction paper.  The straw feeds through two holes (use a standard hole punch).  Shear the edges for extra visual appeal, and you are set for imbibe-able self-expression!

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Did I miss any?  Do you have any novel uses for drinking straws in cocktails??!!