5 Ways to Drink Like A Rockstar

By NY Barfly
Created March 2, 2017
Cocktails inspired by favorite musicians. MORE+ LESS-

If you want to party like a rockstar, you should definitely start drinking like one.

The cocktails on this list will help you sing in tune if you take to the stage (even if it is just for karaoke).

Some are inspired by famous guitar players and others incorporate booze brands that are actually owned by big stars. If you’re ready to make what’s in your glass sing, check out these recipes.

1. The Bob Marley Shot

If your party is going to run with a reggae vibe, break out this mix along with the steel drums. A big shout out to blogger Worley Gig for sharing the recipe for The Bob Marley Shot. A mix of strawberry syrup, creme de banana, white rum and creme de menthe is a layered shooter that looks like the flag of the famous singer’s native country. (Image used with permission – Uncommon Caribbean)


2. Toby Keith's Swamp Water

In addition to entertaining folks with his country tunes and guitar, Toby Keith owns a restaurant chain dubbed, "I Love This Bar and Grill". Chilled Magazine has a recipe for the venue’s Swamp Water, a green and boozy mix of mezcal, apple pucker and simple syrup.


3. Jimmy Buffet’s Margarita

For those who want to waste away again in Margaritaville (and don’t we all?), the chain of restaurants inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s famous song, will hook you up with a lime and salt-spiked margarita. Good Food Good Friends has the recipe for Jimmy Buffet's Perfect Margarita, which we suggest pairing with a Cheeseburger in Paradise. (Image used with permission -- Good Food Good Friends)


4. The Date with David Bowie

When a customer challenged bartender, Miss Flighty, to come up with a drink inspired by a certain glam rocker, she racked her brain and put together The Date with David Bowie, a drink that pays tribute to Ziggy Stardust himself (she reports that she was happy to figure this out, since “who wouldn’t want to go on a date with David Bowie?). The resulting mix uses "Ziggy Stardust Sugar" around the rim and the drink is spiked with Aperol and orange vodka. It’s a little bitter and a little sweet, kind of like some of the singer’s best songs. (Image used with permission – Cocktails on the Fly)


6. Ciroc Razzle Dazzle

Did you know that P. Diddy owns his own line of vodka? Ciroc is made with grapes, which is unusual for a vodka, and the sleek bottle would feel at home on the table in any high-end club. IF you want to dazzle your guests, opt for the Razzle Dazzle Cocktail, a mix of Red Berry Ciroc, creme de cacao and champagne. (Image used with permission -- Runway Waiters)


Going beyond just having a signature drink, many rockstars have even launched their own liquor lines including Pharrell, Dave Mathews, Marilyn Manson, Justin Timberlake, Sammy Hagar, Pitbull...

What's your favorite rockstar drink or liquor?


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