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5 Ways to Hack a Mug of Hot Cocoa

Created January 26, 2017
Ways to Hack a Mug of Hot Cocoa
What would the holiday season be without gathering around a fire, singing carols and sucking down vats of hot cocoa? (Okay, forget the carols. Let’s talk cocoa.) MORE+ LESS-

Sure, vats (or cups) of cocoa are nice, and all. You stir a little mix into a little milk, add a smidge of cream, sit and sip. It’s warm. It’s cozy.

It’s boring.

So, we were sitting around, sipping cocoa, and were all “let’s discover our hot cocoa aesthetic.” But impatient hot cocoa lovers that we are, we also wanted instant gratification. Nothing overly complicated. Just everything totally creative, clever and awesome.

So doable.

Hack #1: Chocolate Lace

A handful of melted chocolate chips and a plastic baggie are all you need to have this adorable tea time upgrade on hand in minutes. Set empty mugs on the table, top with chocolate lace. And when you’re ready to serve, you get to be both party host and magician, pouring cocoa in the center of the lace, which will melt and drizzle into your cup of cocoa. No cocoa has ever been so cute.

Hack #2: Frozen Ice Cream "Marshmallows"

Need something you can prep ahead of time? Slice ice cream or whipped topping into 1-inch pieces, cut with a mini cookie cutter and freeze. When it’s time to serve, plop a few flavored cubes into your cocoa and you’ll have creamy flavor in seconds. Plus, hearts and cocoa? Nothing could make us happier. 

Hack #3: Party Time Hot Cocoa

Have a friend with a holiday birthday? Celebrate ALLTHETHINGS with this cute rimmed cup of Party Time Hot Cocoa. Dunk the edges of your mugs in white chocolate, and rim with a confetti mix of colorful sprinkles. Of course, the only thing that could possibly upgrade this idea is marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, too. 

Hack #4: Red Velvet Cocoa

Sure, you can spring for the $7 box of specialty Red Velvet cocoa. Or you can just hack a cup of pretty stuff by stirring sweet red decorating frosting into a cup of hot cocoa. Kids love this one. And rimmed with sprinkles or mini chocolate chips? Well, adults love this one, too. Add a splash of cocoa liqueur if you’re really feeling saucy. 

Hack #5: Towering Freakmallows

You’ve seen freakshakes. You’ve fallen in love with freakshakes. And now, we’re bringing the trend to your cocoa mallows. Freakmallows are a giant topper for your cup, a mass of marshmallows held together with chocolate and more chocolate, candy bars and anything else your brain can think up. Love cotton candy? Toss it on top. Think peanut butter cocoa is the bees knees? Add some peanut butter cups. Whatever you add to your mound of mallows will melt into your cocoa and make it freaky good. 

So many cocoa hacks, so much winter. Which one will you stir up first? Snap a pic and show us your creation. #tablespoon

Brooke blogs at  Cheeky Kitchen where she shares crazy simple, healthy family recipes. She joined Tablespoon to share some of her best, so keep an eye on Brooke's profile to see what she cooks up next!