6 Fabulous Wines for T-Day

By NY Barfly
Created March 3, 2017
When you raise your glass to your friends and loved ones this holiday season, make sure what youre sipping is as impressive as the wonderful things youre toasting. MORE+ LESS-

There’s a lot to be thankful for when you sit down to carve that turkey in late November.

When you raise your glass to your friends and loved ones this holiday season, make sure what you’re sipping is as impressive as the wonderful things you’re toasting. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to fill that glass with good vino (once that dinner is over, gift-buying season begins), there are plenty of value labels that will impress your guests and give you another reason to be thankful.

Red - Cabernet Sauvignon

Alamos, an Argentinean vintner, makes a series of excellent, moderately priced cabs that are going to go great with that turkey (and pretty much everything else you’re going to scarf). They're medium-bodied and have notes of fruit and spice that will balance that bird – just be warned, if the meat makes you sleepy, a few glass of this will have you hitting the couch for a nap.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Apple Cider Brined Turkey


Red - Zinfandel

A bold zinfandel isn’t just for a summer cookout. Get a bottle from American maker Rancho Zabaco and pour it alongside your yams and veggies. The smokiness will go well with your dinner, but if you really want a pairing surprise, try some with your pumpkin pie.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Pumpkin Pie


White - Chardonnay

Francis Ford Coppola makes more than notable films. His vineyard in California puts out some amazing wines that are widely available at liquor stores throughout the country. His chardonnay is not as oaky as many of the other wines made with the grape. Instead of overpowering wood, the notes of apple and pear are able to stand out. It goes well with turkey, but also makes a great companion to a salad that starts off dinner.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Apple Cider Dressing


White - Sauvignon Blanc

An earthy white will really elevate the herbs you pack into that stuffing, and New Zealand is where it’s at when you’re looking for the best Sauvignon Blancs in the world. Oyster Bay’s Sauvignon has notes of grass and grapefruit and is widely available for under $15 a bottle.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Cranberry Stuffing


Rose and Sparkling - Rose

Put down that bottle of White Zinfandel! Hit a bottle of pink wine from cheekily named Love Drunk, from a winery in Oregon. The label will get people talking, but the subtle notes of berries and plum will elicit some silent nods, especially if you sip it alongside the cranberry sauce.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Cranberry Sauce


Zinfandel - Bubbly

There’s no reason to save the bubbles for New Year’s Eve - festivities. Give your guests a glass of bubbly as they arrive for dinner. Zardetto prosecco is a go-to label for any occasion; it’s dry, tasty and available for around $13 a bottle.

Food Pairing Suggestion: Brie with Cranberries and Pistachio Nuts


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