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7 Breakfast Drinks Worth Waking Up For

Sip your way through winter with these cereal infused winter drinks.
By TBSP Kari

When the cold winter winds are blowing and you’re feeling chilled to the bone, the only thing you need is a big cup of something warm, sweet, and delicious. And if you’re a cereal lover, like I know you are, you’ll adore these mashup beverages that use your fave breakfast bites for super sippables.

1. Golden Grahams™ Lattes

Make the most of your morning coffee with a touch of sweet cereal-flavored milk.

2. Lucky Charms® Latte

Add a bit of luck to your latte with an infusion of Lucky Charms® cereal.

3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch® Latte

Cozy on up to this toasty drink. Sure to keep you comfy during the coldest nights.

4. Cereal Milk Latte

Who needs flavored creamer when you can have cereal milk instead?

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch® Cocktail

Bring breakfast time to cocktail hour with this cereal and coffee flavored drink.

6. Cookie Dough Cocoa

Transform cookie dough ice cream and Cookie Crisp® cereal into a cocoa lover’s dream.

7. Cereal Hot Chocolate Bar

Let your friends personalize the rims of their hot cocoa cups with a DIY bar of melted chocolate and crushed up cereal. It’ll be the sweetes