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7 Slaws that Slay

These fresh slaw salads will make your next BBQ or picnic one for the books.
By TBSP Angela

Move it on over, pasta salad. You’re not the only side that can make an outdoor food table look deliciously fresh. Here are seven slaw recipes in a number of flavor combos that will slay a potluck any day of the week.

1. Rainbow Slaw Salad
Who knew a humble coleslaw could look so good? If you thought all slaws were pale and mayo-heavy, this salad should clear things up real quick. It’s a literal rainbow of fresh, colorful veggies dressed in a honey-lime-cumin vinaigrette that will have you coming back for extra helpings again and again.


2. Green Apple-Manchego Slaw
This combination of tangy Manchego cheese and tart green apples was inspired by one of our editors’ favorite menu items at Café Lurcat in Minneapolis.


3. Asian Slaw
We first tasted this slaw with crispy, juicy Japanese fried pork chops (tonkatsu), but it’s quickly become a standout favorite all on its own. With just three ingredients it couldn’t be simpler—or quicker—to make.


4. Snap Pea Slaw
Have you ever had snap pea slaw? Neither had we, and now we know what we’ve been missing. It’s fresh, it’s colorful, and it tastes every bit as bright as it looks. The recipe also features quick skillet sesame shrimp, which, while delicious, are not required to enjoy this slaw.


5. Sesame Soy Napa Cabbage Slaw
You don’t often see summer squash or cucumbers in a coleslaw. And you don’t often have a slaw as good as this one. Coincidence? We think not. Also: if you’ve never heard of seasoned rice vinegar, it’s worth hunting down—it truly makes the dressing.


6. Red Cabbage Mojo Slaw
We could seriously stare at this beautiful slaw forever. But then we’d miss out on eating it. Luckily, it makes a huge batch, so you can gaze at it lovingly while enjoying the insanely wonderful mixture of flavors—garlic, fresh OJ, and lots of oregano and cumin—that is Cuban Mojo sauce.


7. Colorful Cranberry Coleslaw
Cranberry coleslaw? You bet. The addition of sweet-tart dried cranberries and an apple cider vinegar dressing makes this slaw incredibly versatile (seriously, serve it with anything) and a great addition to a potluck any time of the year. A slaw for all seasons, if you will.