9 Best-Ever Chex Holiday Party Mixes

By TBSP Kitchens
Created March 7, 2017
Sugar Cookie Chex Mix
Chex™ out these easy and delicious holiday snack mixes! MORE+ LESS-

Chex out these easy and delicious holiday snack mixes! (See what we did there?)

Few things will make your holidays happier than handful after handful of homemade Chex mix. From our Better Than Sex spin to the must-make Buffalo Wing style, there’s no shortage of ways to add your own twist to the traditional Chex mix recipe. Also, we recommend making a double batch from the start—one for you and one to gift. Hello, most delicious present ever!

9. Honey-Roasted Chipotle-Rosemary Chex™ Party Mix

We call this one fancy, yet approachable with its unique combination of honey, rosemary and chili powder. It’s sweet, it’s perfect for impressing neighbors and co-workers.

8. Coconut Oil Chex™ Mix

Here’s an unexpected and healthy(ish) twist we bet you didn’t see coming: swapping butter for coconut oil in the traditional homemade Chex mix recipe. Your cross-fit friends will be amazed.

7. Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies™

Turkey day is over, but our love for pumpkin pie is not. This sweet-but-not-too-sweet twist on Thanksgiving’s official dessert is the perfect way to carry the yum into the Christmas season.

6. Sugar Cookie Chex® Party Mix

Talk about a mash-up of brilliance! We’ve combined Christmas sugar cookies with homemade Chex mix for the ultimate holiday season snack. We’re sorry in advance for how addictive it is.

5. Candied Pecan Chex™ Mix

Sweet, spicy, salty—this Chex mix has it all. And did we mention the candied pecans? They’re what make this mix unforgettable. Be prepared to hand over the recipe; people will be asking.

4. Sweet and Salty Chex™ Mix

We’re never not amazed at what can be accomplished with 5 ingredients, 20 minutes and a microwave. Case in point: this crazy easy and amazingly delicious Chex mix. You’re welcome.

3. Better than Sex Chex™ Mix

It’s a bold claim, but we stand behind it. This chocolaty, caramely, crunchy Chex mix is that good. Don’t believe us? Make a batch and see for yourself. (You won’t be disappointed!)

2. Buffalo Wing Chex Mix™

We know, we know, it’s not a traditional Christmas flavor, but it’s so unbelievably delicious (and popular!) that we’re making an exception. Trust us, no one will be upset when you serve it up.

1. Christmas Chex Mix™

We’re not ones to play favorites, but something had to come in at number one, and what better than this gorgeous, festive, supremely giftable and ultra delicious Christmas Chex mix?