9 Easy Cookie Recipes for Non-Bakers

By Burn The Wine
Created March 6, 2017
Not a baker? Don’t worry, these impressive cookies are so easy, you’ll crush the holiday cookie exchange. MORE+ LESS-

Not everyone can be a top chef in the kitchen, magically waving about spatulas and whisks to create awe-inspiring and artistic food items that cause people to gasp aloud. With most cooking you can fudge around a bit. Pinches and smidges are valid amounts of measure and it’s cool, like in horseshoes, if you get pretty close. But baking is a whole other beast. It’s like kitchen science and in the world of baking the stakes are high. One tiny miscalculation and cakes collapse in on themselves, outsides are burnt and crunchy while insides are uncooked, things can fail to rise altogether. Who can deal with that kind of pressure? What about us average Janes and Joes who need to be able to produce something for this year’s holiday cookie exchange or office party? Is it hopeless?! NO – it’s not! You do not have to live in fear that you will bring a plate of cookies the color and consistency of hockey pucks. I am here to save your life. Here’s a list of delectable cookies that look like you went to culinary school to make them, but are actually quite easy.

1. Peppermint Fudge Brownie Cookies

Here’s basically all you need to get these little baked beauties in your hot little hands: Betty Crocker™fudge brownie mix, peppermint crunch or crème de menthe baking chips, semisweet chocolate chips and Betty Crocker™chocolate cookie icing. Super-easy, very impressive looking and above all delicious!

2. Easy Holiday Oatmeal Cookies

Look at how cute and festive these are! Just one package of Betty Crocker™oatmeal cookie mix, Nature Valley™ granola for yummy crunch and mini M&MS™for holiday dazzle!

3. Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

I have this memory of making peanut butter cookies and I was utterly confused about using a fork to mush down those little cookie balls. At the time, I thought it was solely for aesthetic; I didn’t realize it was because otherwise the peanut butter cookie would refuse to make a traditional cookie shape. So yeah, be handy with a fork!

4. Santa Hat Cookies

How cute are these cookies, with their little marshmallow pom-poms?! Get outta here! And apparently they’re so easy to make that even children can be involved in their construction.

5. Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

Know what makes chocolate chip cookies even more tasty? More chocolate! These cute cookies went for a dip and came out even more delicious!

6. Rocky Road Cookies


Pillsbury™chocolate chip cookie dough, marshmallows and walnuts are literally all you need to make these wonderful cookies. It doesn’t get much easier, or tastier than this!

7. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Betty Crocker™sugar cookie mix, dried cranberries, white chocolate and walnuts make for a mouthwatering and simple cookie mix that will please the palate.

8. Black Forest Cookies

Where is the Black Forest? Why do people love their cookies and cakes so much? Oh that’s right – because they’re flippin’ delicious!

9. No Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies

For these holiday cookies you don’t even have to turn your oven on. I’m not sure it can get any easier guys.