Best Wedding Brunch Recipes

By Accidentally Sexy
Created March 6, 2017
15 Best Brunch Wedding Recipes
A wedding brunch has always seemed like a genius idea to me. MORE+ LESS-

Brunch is clearly the best meal to ever exist.

And a wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. A brunch wedding has always seemed like a genius idea to me. 

Also, I’m 30. If I’m being honest, I’m ready to go to sleep by 9pm. Having your wedding in the morning means I lessen the risk of falling asleep in the coat room at some point. I don’t need to remember the whole wedding, but I have a feeling it will be hard for other people to forget that part.

If you’re like me and you think that champagne is way better at 10 am than 10 pm, this is probably the special day for you.


1. Black Forest Cherry Waffle Cake

I think this is my favorite recipe on the whole site. I mean, just look at this thing. Layers of chocolate waffles, whipped cream and dark red cherries—basically what I always imagined when reading fairytales.


2. Berry Waffle Wedding Cake

The idea of a wedding cake made from waffles is so fun. If you’re having your wedding during brunch hours, you’re already pretty unconventional, so why not make your cake fit the theme?


3. Rainbow Crepe Cake

Tell me this isn’t the happiest dessert you’ve ever seen. Since the layers are crepes rather than cake, it’s a little more brunch-y and a lot more elegant!


4. Miniature Wedding Cakes

Everything is instantly adorable in mini form. Tiny baby sharks? Adorable. Mini doll house furniture of things I don’t particularly like in my own home? So sweet. Teeny trucks? Something worth stealing from the neighbor kids when you’re 8. A miniature wedding cake? I mean, it’s so obvious.


5. Wedding Shower Cereal Cakes

Some people (me and anyone else that’s awesome) don’t particularly like cake. They look beautiful, but it’s just not your jam when it comes to eating them. Since this is a morning wedding, think outside the cereal box by forming these treats into a tiered cake form.


6. Simple Wedding Cupcakes

Cutting the cake can be an elaborate pain the garter. You have to assign someone to the task that you can trust to cut even pieces and another person to hand it out. Sounds like a heartache that I’d personally like to avoid. The solution? Cute cupcakes.


7. Wedding Cake Martini

I firmly believe that brunch isn’t brunch without a cocktail and a wedding isn’t a wedding until one aunt has told all the family secrets in vodka veritas.


8. Berry Bellini Cocktail

Hello, brunch? It’s Ana. Can I get this berry Bellini delivered to me immediately? Thanks.


9. Fruity Mimosa Bar

If I had my way, every event would start with a mimosa bar. Personally, I like just enough juice to color it. With a mimosa bar, I can pick with what color I’d like my champagne tinted: pomegranate pink, perhaps?


10. Wedding Day Chex™ Mix

You guys. Chex™ Mix is the best, right? I have never been to a family get together where the Chex™ Mix was not the meeting point. For a wedding, throw together this recipe and give out as table favors.


11. Mini Royal Fruit Cakes

Anything served with an edible flower on top is instantly the fanciest, prettiest thing on the spread. Those are just the rules. I don’t make them. Haha, j/k, I totally make the rules. This is my article. I get to do what I want.


12. Mini Mimosa Pancake Stacks

These elegant little pancake stacks would make great passed apps for a brunch wedding. They’re just enough to make a hearty bite and look so, so cute.


13. Mini Trifles In Jars

These little guys would be sweet on a banquet or as wedding favors. Experiment with your favorite flavors!


14. Doughnut Bar

I like anything that’s interactive at a wedding. This doughnut bar allows your guests to customize their favorite breakfast pastry and get exactly the treat that they want!


15. Bridal Shower Chocolate ‘Staches

Waking up bright and early isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to get yourself washed and pounded with enough make up to be presentable…or at least I do. For those that need a little extra, a couple chocolate ‘staches can cure all ails.