Breakfast In Bed Menu #3: The First Sleepover

By TBSP Kitchens
Created March 7, 2017

You did it. You suave thing, you. This might be the start of something special. It might just be the start of something. But it's a start.

THE SCENARIO: That first sleepover is like no other. You don't want to be the weirdo that makes it seem super planned, but you kinda want to knock their socks off, right? You've got to be prepared to have a guest over without seeming like you totally knew you had this in the bag. At the same time... mini victory dance!


1. The Libation: Berry Bellini Cocktail

The key is to have one ingredient that you can work through your whole menu. The flavors are super complimentary and it will seem like you just went to your fridge, realized you had a bunch of berries and thought to just Iron Chef a spectacular creation. Similar to that "no make up" look you threw on in the bathroom before your guest woke up.


2. The Main: French Toast Kabobs

These kabobs are a cool presentation and ridonk easy to make.

This recipe has you throwing the toast bites into the oven rather than worrying about flipping. Plus, if the new beau doesn't like French Toast... well... that is your first sign to get out!


3. The Sweet: Mini Microwave Berry Crisps

You're probably going to have some berries leftover, so throw together this crazy quick and easy warm treat. The crispy topping is made from Chex cereal and I'm going to say that gives you license to eat it for breakfast. You could even dip the kabob bites into it.