Bridal Shower Chocolate 'Staches

Created January 26, 2017
Chocolate candy ˜stache and lip pops make yummy bridal shower favors and they're a fun way for guests to show their support for the bride or the groom! MORE+ LESS-

Mustaches are totally trending right now.

They’re all over the blogosphere, with the hipster crowd, and on celebrity’s faces. Handlebar ‘staches, Tom Selleck ‘staches - there is NO limit to a great stache! So, how about we take this just one step further with a chocolate ‘stache pop? Or, give the gals some love and make a smoochin’ lips chocolate pop?

With this sweet idea in mind, I decided to make some candy ‘stache and lip pops for a fun bridal shower favor. I thought it would be a fun way for guests to show their support for the bride or the groom! They’re also quick, easy…and chocolate!

The first step to these delicious treats was to buy the mustache candy molds, lips candy molds and lollipop sticks, which I found on Then, using chocolate candy melts, melt about a cup of chocolate discs in a microwave safe bowl. I like to melt mine 30 seconds at a time and stir until smooth, this way you don’t get burnt chocolate. Burnt chocolate is wasted chocolate, and me no likey wasted chocolate.

The absolute easiest way to get your chocolate into the mold neatly is to use a piping bag. Fill the bag with melted chocolate and carefully pipe the chocolate into the mold cavity. Press the lollipop sticks into place, twist the end of the stick until it is completely submerged in chocolate. We don’t want that sucker going anywhere! Put the mold in the freezer for 10 minutes and voila – you’ve got your very own chocolate ‘stach and lip lollies!

To give them even more cute appeal, I made fun flags using this DIY template from Sarah Hearts blog. I printed out ones that read “Groom’s Side and Bride’s Side,” and stuck the lollipops in mason jars filled with colored jelly beans. You can use M&Ms, colored sugar, marshmallows, what ever you like. It’s a fun favor for a bridal shower and having guests pick sides is always fun and drama free – RIGHT?! (Insert sarcasm here.)

I had a little fun with the ‘staches too…I think I look GREAT with a ‘stache, don’t you! Can you see the endless possibilities here? Who knew candy molds could be so fun!