Brunch Pairings Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By TBSP Kari
Created March 6, 2017
zodiac brunch
What’s your brunch sign? MORE+ LESS-

These delicious pairings please any personality!

Some say the position of the planets, the month, the day, and even the hour you were born under have influence over your personality. And that your astrological signs and their traits can affect your relationships, friendships, career and daily life.

So—why not the foods you eat, too? Check your brunch horoscope to find out what tasty treats the stars have aligned in your favor.


1. Aries: Chorizo and Egg Biscuit Tostadas + Fizzy Grapefruit Margarita

You’re adventurous and a bit of a daredevil, Aries. Spicy chorizo is just enough kick to keep things interesting.


2. Taurus: PB and J French Toast + Banana-Oat-Honey Smoothies

Reliable Taurus—your patience and loving personality are some of your finer qualities. Nothing shows how much you care like PB and J French Toast.


3. Gemini: Cake Batter Pancakes + Fruit Burst and Cereal Smoothie

Brunch need not be a boring affair, Gemini, and cake batter pancakes topped with rainbow sprinkles match your vibrant and youthful personality.


4. Cancer:  Easy French Toast Brunch Ring + Marshmallow Cake-tini Cocktail

If you’re a typical Cancer, then you’ll want to express your love and imagination through creative brunch rings and cake-tini cocktails.


5. Leo: Apple-Cinnamon Monkey Bread + Apple Pie Moonshine

Leo’s generosity is best matched with a shareable treat, like this apple cinnamon monkey bread. Easy to pull apart so everyone can enjoy!


6. Virgo: Creamy French-Style Scrambled Eggs + Mimosa

Meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist, Virgo can easily master these French-style scrambled eggs and refreshing mimosas.


7. Libra: Easy Vegetable Frittata Skillet + Kir Royale

Libra, your romantic charms and flirtatiousness are some of your finest qualities. A social butterfly like yourself should serve up this sweet Kir Royale and veggie frittata for a bit of fanciness at your next brunch gathering.


8. Scorpio: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie Bars + Black Heart Cocktail

You’re an enigma, Scorpio, and your deeply passionate nature is not unlike these dark chocolate raspberry pie bars and Black Heart cocktail. Rich, sweet, and a hint of mystery.


9. Sagittarius: S'mores Crescent Doughnuts + Cafe con Leche

A Sagittarius’ straightforward nature is like a good strong cup of coffee. No-nonsense and refreshingly bold.


10. Capricorn: Overnight Slow Cooker Muesli + Strawberry Cereal Milk Shakes

Your patience, Capricorn, will pay off in the morning with this delicious overnight slow cooker muesli.


11. Aquarius: Bacon Cinnamon Rolls + Easy Mocha Latte

This inventive twist on the classic cinnamon roll is as uniquely original as you, Aquarius—and just as sweet.


12. Pisces:  Strawberry Rhubarb Glazed Donuts + Cotton Candy Milkshake Shots

Pisces, only someone as imaginative as you could whip up this magical, colorful brunch time bonanza.