Deep Dish: Ice Cream Flavor Trends

By Accidentally Sexy
Created March 6, 2017
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In 2015, this is what ice cream looks like. MORE+ LESS-


Every year, we come up with new innovations for old school favorites. Maybe vanilla will always be vanilla, but there are many spins we can make on the classic cone. This year, we’ve really got the scoop… #dadjokes 



It might sounds strange to try tomato or mushroom-flavored ice cream, but these new savory concoctions are all the rage. Cold creaminess adds a new level to umami sensations. If going full savory seems a little too adventurous, try adding savory toppings or mix-ins, like butter popcorn or bacon!



An adults-only twist on a childhood favorite is always fun. Although pina colada and daiquiri ice creams are classics, new boozy breeds are popping up like merlot and whiskey. You can also trying floating a scoop of your favorite ice cream in a mug of beer, drizzling with a flavored-liquor like Kahlua™, or melting it down into the perfect ice cream shot.



Ice cream may not be seen as a dieter’s BFF, but there are ways to sneak in some beneficial elements. Consider making ice cream with kefir as the base rather than cream, adding in mix-ins like quinoa or sprinkling kale chip crumbles on top. Or, how about a fancy Chocolate Banana Soft Serve Parfait with “ice cream” made from bananas then topped with Greek yogurt and granola!



It’s time to think outside the scoop. To play with this trend, all you need to do is break out the cookie cutters. Using a brick-shaped ice cream container, start by cutting into slices. Then, use your cookie cutters to fashion fun shapes from the slices.

If you’re having trouble cutting through, run the cookie cutters under hot water for a few seconds to heat up the metal. After creating the ice cream shapes, stack them between layers of wax paper and let them set in the freezer for an hour or two before serving.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can shape your ice cream into tiny cheeseburgers or hot dogs!


Outside Shell

Sometimes, it’s what’s outside that counts. Such is the case with the outside shell trend. In this instance, we’re looking at interesting things to roll your ice cream scoops in to take your treat to the next level.

Nuts have been done. Think more along the lines of edible flower petals, gold leaf and teas! Perhaps the inner-child in you wants something a little sweeter, like ice cream rolled in your favorite childhood cereal. That’s one shell of a sundae!


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