Easy Yogurt Holiday Party Dips

Created March 6, 2017
Easy Yogurt Holiday Party Dips
With just a few ingredients added to Yoplait Greek yogurt, you've got a variety of sweet and savory dips to serve at your next holiday party. MORE+ LESS-

Add a variety of ingredients to yogurt and you've got delectable dips for your next holiday party!

These dips are so easy and delicious, you'll want to make them all. 

What's a party without dip? I entertain a lot and always make dips to serve with chips, veggies, or fruit. I love to use Yoplait Greek Yogurts as the base. Using yogurt is a great way to lighten up a recipe while maintaining a creamy texture and tangy flavor.

I'm busy getting ready for some holiday parties and I've whipped up four dips to serve to my guests. Two are savory and two are sweet – and all are super easy to make!



Let's start with the only dip that'll take you more than 15 minutes to make.


Did you know you can caramelize onions in a slow cooker? Yep, you can. All you have to do is pour some oil, butter, salt and a bit of brown sugar along with your diced onions into the slow cooker, turn it on high, and walk away for 8 hours.


During that time the onions will caramelize beautifully. When they're ready, drain off any excess liquid and allow them to cool.


Then all you have to do is stir the Yoplait Plain Greek 100 Yogurt, mayonnaise, garlic and onions together until well blended.


Season with some salt and pepper and it's ready to serve. You can refrigerate the dip for up to a few days for a more intense flavor.



Since we're talking about savory dips, let's move onto this one.


This dip is so easy; you'll have it ready in about 15 minutes. Start by stirring together the yogurt, mayonnaise, cream cheese and ranch dressing.


Then layer guacamole, the yogurt mixture, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a serving bowl and it's ready to go. I like to serve my dip alongside some Food Should Taste Good Chips.

Easy, right?



To balance out the savory we need some sweet dips too. Let's start with this one!


All you have to do is mix together Yoplait Greek Coconut Yogurt with Yoplait Greek Pineapple Yogurt and fold in some whipped topping, diced pineapple, coconut and chocolate shavings.


That's it! This dip is fun to serve with tropical fruit kabobs.



I saved the best for last – this is my favorite. I couldn't stop eating it! I love that it's light and refreshing instead of heavy like most caramel apple dips.


I also love that it comes together in minutes. All you have to do is mix together Yoplait Greek Honey Yogurt, caramel dip, and some whipped topping. For some added crunch you can sprinkle on some toffee bits. Serve with sliced apples.


I'm happy I was able to get a shot of this dip before I ate the entire thing! I guess I need to go buy more yogurt so I can make more for my party guests!


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