Got a Hot Mouth?

Created January 26, 2017

Bit off more spicy food than you can chew? Mouth on fire? These spicy hot tips will cool your mouth in a flash.

How to Get Rid of Spiciness in Your Mouth

We've all been there. Whether a spicy hot curry or hotter-than-heck chili is the cause for your discomfort, the need to cool down your mouth is all-consuming. You've heard the old wives' tales and urban myths, now it's time for the facts on how to get rid of spiciness in your mouth!

Water vs. Ice Cubes

While it's a natural reaction to shout "WATER! WATER!" while jumping around like a loon and pointing to your mouth, this may not be the best course of action. Although water has a temporary cooling effect, chugging down glass after glass of water will actually spread the spiciness around. Using ice cubes is not much better, although they will give you more instant relief and the spread of the spiciness will be more contained.

Yogurt or Milk

There is a reason that hot and spicy Mexican and Indian food often comes with accompaniments that contain cooling dairy products. The Indian dip raita is made from yogurt, and of course, sour cream is a staple of most Mexican (or at least Tex Mex) meals. Try dairy products like these as well as milk and even cheese. The cooling temperature helps, but there is also something called casein in these products that sort of acts like a magnet for the capsaicin (reason for the spiciness).

Scoffing something like ice cream will help for these reasons too, and due to its consistency, it will stay in the mouth for longer to really work some cooling magic.


Perhaps the easiest way of calming down a flaming mouth is by sucking on a sugar cube or holding a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth. This helps by absorbing the spicy oil that is coating your mouth, as well as giving you a different, strong taste to concentrate on. A bit of mind-trickery and science combined!

Other Methods

Some more unique ways of cooling a spicy mouth range from eating bread, rice, French fries, or even a lemon. While these may sound a bit crazy, there might just be something to them. The humungous, spicy hot feeling in your mouth likely came from the seed oil of the chili. Eating any of the above items helps to soak up or strip off the spicy oil from the inside of your mouth.

Now you know how to get rid of spiciness in your mouth, you can try combining some of these for some ultimate spiciness-beating action – bread dipped in milk, for example.

Have you heard of any more crazy methods that make nice with spice?