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Great Gatsby Movie Party

By Girl Versus Dough
Created March 7, 2017
Entertaining for a premiere party of The Great Gatsby.

Have you read the book? It’s hands-down one of my favorites, ever. Plus I have had a serious crush on Leo since I was an impressionable pre-teen gazing into his eyes in Titanic (I’LL never let go, Jack) and I love anything director Baz Luhrmann puts on a screen in front of me, so… yeah. It’s going to be epic.

So naturally, I’m going to party it up when the premiere comes out in just a few short days. I’ve created a delicious themed menu so that you, too, can relive the Roaring 20s while sipping on Mint Julep Slushies, munching on Ham and Spinach Croquettes and getting ready to gaze into Leo’s eyes once again – I mean, enjoy the classic novel on the silver screen. Oy.

First, let’s get those slushies ready.

Just a few simple ingredients are all you need to turn a classic cocktail into an icy treat – and yes, the bourbon stays. Though if you want to go non-alcoholic, you can swap the liquor for ginger ale or lemon-lime soda and it’s just as tasty.


Make a mint-flavored simple syrup, then mix it in a shallow baking dish with water, more mint and bourbon (or soda). Let the flavors marry and freeze in the freezer overnight.


Just before serving the slushies, scrape the icy mixture with fork tines, then scoop into individual serving glasses topped with even more fresh mint.


Gatsby would totally approve of these yummy drinks, methinks.

On to the croquettes!

Betty Crocker’s Potato Buds and Green Giant cooked spinach make these easy apps even easier to assemble.

Combine the prepped ingredients in a large bowl, like so, then roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture between your hands to form patties. Roll each patty in breadcrumbs, then fry them a few at a time in a skillet of hot oil.

Bing-bang-boom, you’ve got ham and spinach croquettes ready for the munching!

To really amp up the Gatsby theme, decorate with anything that exudes Art Deco decadence, including brightly colored or gold and silver-lined plates, black and white details, tassel streamers, feathers, pearls and damask prints.