How to Be Post-Holiday Healthy Without Being a Party Pooper

By Sandi Arata
Created March 7, 2017
Worried that your diet resolution will ruin your fun? Fear not. Here are some party tips and treats that will save you from completely blowing your diet or exercise regimen. MORE+ LESS-

Did you make a resolution to get healthy this year?

Worried that your resolution will ruin your fun? Fear not. Your future doesn’t have to consist of solo jogs and carrot sticks. And you won’t be forced to choose between your social circuit and your waistline. It is possible to shed those extra holiday pounds and still be a fabulous party guest or hostess!

Here are some tips that will save you from completely blowing your diet or exercise regimen.

Be a Fabulously Healthy Guest

1. BYO-Healthy

The next party you are invited to, insist that you bring some food item to contribute.  (This is the polite thing to do regardless of any resolutions!) The key is to bring something that you know is healthy (but still tasty!). You can avoid much of the dangerously caloric buffet if you are excited to indulge in the dish you brought yourself.

For an appetizer, try a spread of crunchy veggies paired with a tasty high fiber dip, like this Roasted Garlic Bean Dip. Or make a classic Artichoke Spinach Dip, and secretly sub non- or low-fat mayo or sour cream.  I bet no one notices!

For dessert, make a healthier (and delicious) baked fruit. Two great options are Baked Pears with Caramel Sauce and Baked Apples.

2. Eat Before You Go

No matter how many healthy items you bring to a party, there will always be something tempting there. Manage your cravings by never showing up to a party hungry.  Eat a snack before you go. A bowl of vegetable soup is a great pre-party snack to take the edge off your hunger.

3. Dancing Queen

Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories. Don’t be a wallflower; get out on the dance floor! Great music and glow sticks are a fun way to encourage people to shake it!

4. Lighten Up Your Drinks

Avoid sugary drink mixers and chasers like juices—and avoid sugary alcohols like flavored Schnapps, Bailey’s, and Triple Sec.  Seltzer water or club soda with a splash of lemon or lime juice is a great way to mellow out an alcoholic drink without adding calories or sugar.  And it’s always a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with water, both to stay hydrated from all that dancing and to feel more full. Mix together a pitcher of fruity water that's both refreshing and delicious!

Throw a Healthy Party


1. Game Night

Invite your friends over for some friendly competition.  Serve White Turkey Chili with Cheese with whole wheat dinner rolls for dinner, followed by Apple Crumble with Toasted-Oat Topping for a light dessert. Then get guests up and moving! Organize a tournament using a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect gaming system.

2.  Movie Night

While not as active as game night, movie night is a fun gathering that can be done with healthy snacks.  Invite friends over to watch a few DVD’s and serve up healthy popcorns.  Make different flavors of seasoned popcorn, like this Herb Seasoned Popcorn. Start with air popped corn, and consider using cooking spray instead of butter for the lowest calorie option.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with seasonings!

3.  Active Girl's Day

Let’s face it: one of the best parts of getting together with girlfriends is the chatting. This doesn’t have to occur over a high calorie meal. Instead of heading out to lunch, get together and do something active.  Meet for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Or if it’s too cold where you live, get together at someone’s home and do an exercise DVD together. After your workout, make these awesome Up and At 'Em Fruit Smoothies together. Or take girl time to a whole new level with this Skinny Party idea from jackiefo!

Whatever you do, don’t let your health goals keep you from partying it up this year! After all, living large shouldn’t have to mean living large!