How to Easily Decorate Sugar Cookies

Created March 8, 2017
How to Easily Decorate Sugar Cookies
Use a plastic freezer bag as a makeshift pastry bag to decorate Christmas cookies and cakes! MORE+ LESS-


Our simple how-to shows you the ropes for icing Christmas sugar cookies the easy way.

Want the look of pro-frosted cookies, cakes and cupcakes, but don’t want to spend the cash on fancy tips and decorator icing bags? No worries! Grab a box of quart-sized plastic freezer bags and you’ll have your baked goods decorated in no time!

Zip-top freezer bags are perfect for piping icing onto baked treats. Thick enough to withstand the icing-bag squeeze, freezer bag corners are firm enough to stay put while you pipe frosting. So, you can decorate cookies quickly without worrying about your bag wimping out and turning your frosting designs to mush.

Here’s how to use a freezer bag to frost your favorite treats:


First, gather your cookies, frostings and freezer bags. Then just 5 simple steps will get you from plain cookies to frosting fanatic in just a few minutes! 


1. Open the Bag. Flip the freezer bag inside-out over your hand.


2. Spoon the Frosting. Fill the inside of the bag with frosting. Just spoon it straight into the bottom of the bag.


3. Zip the Top. Pull the bottom of the bag up over your hand. Zip the top of the bag closed, pressing out as much air as possible.


4. Twist to Secure. Twist the bag just over the icing. This will keep the icing from squishing all over the bag as you decorate.


5. Secure and Snip. Secure the bag closed with a twist-tie. Prepare to snip!


Now, if you think you need fancy tips to get fancy piping... think again. You can even make decorative designs when using a freezer bag for your frosting!

Here’s a quick demo for four simple frosting ideas you can do. Just grab a pair of sharp scissors and follow the red guides on the images below:


Flat. Cutting a long slit at a diagonal at the top of the baggie will give you a nice, flat line that’s perfect for piping a thick, straight line.

Petal. Three little triangle-shaped snips at the top of your baggie will create a cute “spaghetti”-like drizzle of icing. Perfect for creating pretty petals, daisies, or poinsettias.

Leaf. Slice a very thin strip just to the side of the baggie seam, and you’ll be able to pipe leafs and other simple motifs.

Writer. A quick snip from the tip of the freezer bag makes a nice icing writer. Lend a personalized flair with this tip, adding your favorite names and words to everything from birthday cakes to Christmas cookies!


All you gotta do now is fill your bags with your favorite Betty Crocker frostings, then snip, design, and enjoy!


Happy frosting!


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