How to Make S'Mores

By TBSP Susan
Created March 9, 2017
Who can pass up the gooey, chocolaty goodness of a smore? Heres a tip, you dont need a campfire. Enjoy smores at home any old time. MORE+ LESS-

Ready to make s’mores? It’s always more fun to make them with others, so grab some family or friends, graham crackers, white marshmallows, and a chocolate bar and let’s get started!

How to Make S’mores over a Fire

Here's the traditional way to make campfire s'mores -- and some great memories!

  • Break the graham cracker in half. One half will be the bottom of the s’more; the other half goes on top, just like bread on a sandwich.

  • Roast the marshmallow over a campfire, or in your fireplace, until it is golden-brown, warm, and gooey.

  • Place two squares of a chocolate candy bar in the center of the bottom graham cracker. Top it with the roasted marshmallow.

  • Finish off the s’more by adding the top graham cracker.

  • Once you have layered the ingredients like a sandwich, the warm marshmallow will melt the chocolate. It takes a few seconds, so be patient. Keep an eye on your chocolate to prevent it from running down the sides of the cracker.

How to Make S’mores in an Oven

If you want to make s’mores, minus the fire, here are a few easy tips for melting the marshmallows in the oven.

  • Turn your oven to the broil setting.

  • Place the bottom graham cracker of the s’more on a cookie sheet. If you want to make several s’mores at once, arrange several graham cracker halves on a cookie sheet. Who doesn't like making more s’mores?

  • Place a marshmallow on top of each.

  • Place the cookie sheet in the oven and watch the marshmallows. When they begin to turn golden brown, remove them from the oven.

  • Top the marshmallow with the chocolate.

  • Top off the s’more with a graham cracker, sandwich style.

Another option is to melt the marshmallow in a microwave oven instead. This may not be an option for those of us who enjoy our marshmallows slightly burnt, as the marshmallow will not brown, but it will become hot and gooey. Don't be intimidated by the colossal size of a microwaved marshmallow. It will shrink as it cools—this only takes a moment.

How to Make Fancy S’mores

Looking for a s’more that is a little out of the ordinary? Here are a couple great ingredients to make more of your s’mores. Try them individually until you find one you love, then experiment some more. Your friends will think you are a culinary genius, well at least when it comes to s’mores!

  • Begin with cinnamon graham crackers instead of your average ho-hum graham.

  • Spread a little cream cheese on the inside of each cracker before layering the s’more.

  • Add a few slivers of fresh strawberry to each s’more.

S'Mores Recipes

If you want to really get creative, try some recipes that bring the taste of s'mores home without the traditional graham cracker sandwich creation. For example, did you know you can make s'mores snack mix? Sure! Golden Grahams cereal gives the taste of the crackers, with mini marshmallows and chocolate pieces added in. Trust me -- the kids will love this sweet snack mix recipe!

Or you can invert your s'mores ingredients and get these s'mores brownies for a smokin' sweet treat! And if you're an ace s'mores fan, you'll like trying these versions of the tasty combo, too:
Create some memories by making up some s’mores today!

What's your favorite way to make s’mores?