How to Make Stuffed Burgers

By Scaron
Created March 9, 2017

Love the idea of stuffed burgers, but not sure how to make them? I'm here to help! This is my method for making perfect stuffed burgers every time.

How to use these directions: Read through the steps, then select a recipe from the bottom of the page. The recipe will give you exact measurements for whatever stuffing you choose.

Ready? Let's get stuffing!

Step 1: Start with Seasoning

If you are using a recipe, it likely will tell you how to season the meat. If you are winging it, start with salt and pepper. A little Worcestershire sauce, paprika or garlic powder is good too, if desired. Mix the ground meat with the seasonings well - with your hands. You want to make sure it really mixes up well.

Step 2: Divide the Meat

Next, you need to separate the meat into equal portions for the patties. As a rule of thumb, one pound of meat can make four good-sized burgers. Roll each portion into a ball.

Step 3: Flatten and Stuff

Using one ball at a time, flatten into a ¼ inch thick patty - don't worry about rough edges ... you aren't done yet! Place whatever stuffing you are using in the center of the flattened patty.

Step 4: Fold and Shape

Fold the edges of the patty around the stuffing, as if you are wrapping it up. Then, pick up the patty and gently press the edges to seal. Now, gently shape into a round patty shape. Press a thumb into the center of each patty. This will ensure that the patty doesn't lose its shape in cooking.

Step 5: Prepare to Cook

Preheat your grill to its medium setting. Place the burgers on the grill and cook to desired doneness.

Looking for a recipe? Try these:

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