How to Poach Eggs in a Dishwasher

Created March 10, 2017
Learn how to easily cook eggs in a dishwasher to feed a crowd with perfectly poached eggs every time. MORE+ LESS-

Serve up a crowd-pleasing breakfast with this ingenious kitchen hack. 

Apparently cooking in your dishwasher is a thing? There is a cookbook on the subject, it's been tested by Mythbusters, and has even been discussed on Oprah (so you know it's official!). The question remains, why would anybody cook with their dishwasher?

Well, some do it because they deem it environmentally friendly (by running dinner with the dishes)! Others probably do it just to see if it's possible. In this case, I tried to think of a good reason why you might want to cook with your dishwasher. While testing various things like desserts, rice, and eggs, I discovered the dishwasher made a pretty good poached egg! With that realization, it dawned on me that you could use a dishwasher if you wanted to poach a large quantity of eggs all at once.

Big breakfast party?

Put on a load of eggs!

The whole process is pretty simple. Grab some canning jars, crack a pasteurized egg into the jar, fill with near boiling water, and put that lid on tight! Load the Mason jars into the dishwasher and run on a regular cycle. Once the cycle is done, remove the jars, drain the water from the eggs and serve. The end result should be perfectly poached eggs, with a beautiful creamy yolk!

Since dishwashers aren't made for cooking food and probably vary in washing temperature, it would be wise to do a couple of test runs first to figure out what cycle cooks the eggs the best. Start with a normal cycle, and adjust from there, using a high heat cycle if your dishwasher has that, a longer cycle, or a shorter cycle. Once you figure out the perfect method for your dishwasher, bet your friends that you can make breakfast in your dishwasher, toss in some eggs, and collect those winnings!

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