Introducing “Food You’ll Love”

By TBSP Erin
Created March 13, 2017

Foods You'll Love -- Recipe Recommendations Done Right

Besides our passion for food, the Tablespoon team shares another obsession: making the site as helpful, personal and easy to use as possible. We want you to find foods here that satisfy your tastes to a T--not just things you already know and love, but new favorites you've probably never tried.

So we're excited to share our latest breakthrough, 100% personalized recommendations we call "Food You'll Love." It's a remarkable way to discover a perfect recipe EVERY time you visit. If you're a member, look for your recommendations on the "Food You'll Love" tab on the homepage. 

How does it work? "Food You'll Love" is based on what you do while at Tablespoon. Every action you take helps to personalize your picks:

  • Recipes you rate

  • Dishes you save to your recipe box

  • Your poll responses

  • Updates to your Taste Profile

 All your choices are saved in your "Taste Profile," which you fine-tune by rating more recipes, taking polls and flagging foods with a YUM or YIKES. The more you share, the tastier your recommendations.

 To get the most out of "Food You Love," you need be a Tablespoon member. Register now, or if you're already a member, dig in. Once you've tried it, we're eager to know what you thought. If you met your match (or if you didn't), let us know!

Happy browsing,

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