Mama Needs A Cocktail

By NY Barfly
Created March 14, 2017
A time out for moms. MORE+ LESS-

The kids are going back to school, which means it’s time for you to go back to basics.

Sadly, the summer entertaining season has come to a close, meaning you won’t have the time to spend putting the same care into your drink making. No bother, there are plenty of things in the house that you can use on the fly to make great drinks, while also making sure your little one has a great time when their September begins.

Mommy Sangria

While you’re cutting up some fruit for the lunch box, be sure to save some for yourself. Once you have a few slices of apples and oranges and send your little one off, take the extras and get ready for some super easy Basic Sangria. Find the bottle of red wine that you have lying around (it doesn’t have to be good) and throw the fruit in. Add a little sugar and some brandy, if you have it handy (though it’s not necessary) and let it stand for a few hours. Then, throw the mix on ice and you have a super easy Sangria that will be ready by the time that school is over.


Mommy Cosmo

When you have some leftover vodka from those summer parties, there’s an easy way to put it to good use. Make a juice box cosmo. The cosmopolitan is a seemingly complex cocktail that’s actually very simple. Vodka, cranberry, lime and orange, done and done. The secret is that a lot of juice boxes will make a perfectly good cosmo, even if they don’t have the exactly correct ingredient mix.


Mommy Mimosa

So you have some leftover orange juice from the most important meal of the day, and it’s the weekend. Finally you have some time to relax. Instead of giving everyone a half a glass for breakfast, keep the leftover for yourself and pop open the Champagne. A Mimosa is one of the easiest drinks out there - a glass of bubbly, plus a little OJ. Saturday morning never tasted so good.


Wine Options

There are some excellent wines that are geared directly toward the mommy demographic, the cheekiest label has to be Mommy’s Time Out, a series of vinos that are billed as “a well-deserved break.” If that brand isn’t available, any sort of easily drinkable white like a Pinot Grigio should do.


Coffee Cocktails

Another morning cocktail is both a true classic and totally easy to make. Irish Coffee gives you a jolt of caffeine with a little extra kick, and we’re not talking about a shot of espresso. It’s a fine way to start your day -  but limit yourself to one, you don’t want to end your day before it’s started!


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