Margarita Sangria + Boozy Frozen Lemonade

Created March 14, 2017
margartia sangria frozen lemonade
Refresh your existence with these cool cocktails, perfect for spring and summer. MORE+ LESS-


Let’s get sloshed! Or rather, slushied. Either way, these two recipes are about to make it possible. Because, boozy. Frozen. Yumminess. Headed straight your way.

Prepare the blender!


Margarita Sangria

Ingredients: Sangria and juice, margarita mixer, tequila and lime. You’ll also need sugar and salt for rimming.


Boozy Frozen Lemonade

Ingredients: Lemonade, limoncello or lemon vodka, lemons.


So the secret to big, beautiful booze-laden slushies is to freeze flavored ice cubes long before you blend. For the Margarita Sangria, you’ll need cubes of juice and margarita mixer. For boozy frozen lemonade, freeze a tray of lemonade.


With ice cubes prepped, these drinks are easy! Just pop the cubes into your blender, top with chilled booze or juice (exact specifics walked through in the sangria and lemonade recipes), garnish and enjoy!


The lemonade can go right into a frosty cup. But the Margarita Sangria needs a little swirly layering to get the look right. Big tip: work quickly when prepping this one. You don’t have much time before it starts to melt and lose its pretty whirl!


A lime and cherry looks gorgeous on the margarita. The flavor here? Tangy mixed with sweet wine sangria. It’s beyond glorious.


And hello, limoncelloade of my life. I shall drink you for dinner and eat you for dessert.

Between the two of these babies, summertime is about to get sippier than ever. J’love.


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