Our Fantasy Valentine's Date

Created January 26, 2017
Our love letter to Aziz Ansari - won't you be our valentine? We have vodka-enhanced super water, chicky chicky parm parm, dragon noodles and pre-birds in bean blankets. MORE+ LESS-

We at Tablespoon have our fair share of celeb crushes.

Number 1, Tom Haverford (aka Aziz Ansari). If you need any reason why, just watch this video.

Now Tom Haverford doesn't usually get much game, but we would be more than happy to get recreational with him.

We know we're not the only ones. In fact, we've dreamt up our Ultimate Fantasy Valentine's Day With Aziz Ansari menu and playlist. Get ready for some good eats and some smooth jams, because we are about to Ginuwine and dine you. Come on... let's do this...

Hit play and let us walk you through this.



We'll start off with some vodka-enhanced Super Water. The store was fresh out of Snake Juice.


We couldn't build you a city made of food, but we hope you'll get down with some Chicky-Chicky Parm-Parm Totino's Pizza Rolls. We can dip and sample all the sauces... together.

Now, tell me. How does it feel, babe?


Then, we'll move on to tray-trays. Grab a food rake. This Fire-Breathing Dragon Long A$$ Rice will get things a little steamy. We'll just sprinkle a lil' love on top.


Finally, we're going to go all Boys II Men on some Zerts. Chocolate tart, tiramisu, big ol' cookies... you choose.


We don't know if it's that Tommy Fresh that we smell, but something has us thinking that we can finish it all off with some pre-birds in bean blankies... you know, for breakfast. Let's have ourselves a little Love Lockdown.

So... will ya, Aziz? Be our Valentine... please!