Our Fave Fall Recipe Lineup

Created January 26, 2017
It's time to dig up fall recipes! We had fun looking back at our bloggers' recipes for this season. Here's what fell off the tree. MORE+ LESS-

The other day I heard a CRUNCH under my foot as I was walking outside, and I thought: "What was that?! A potato chip?"

It was, of course, a leaf. And just like that, summer was really over. It's time to bring jackets and rakes out of storage, and put an apple orchard visit on the calendar. Where I live, people get outside as much as they can before The-Season-that-Must-Not-Be-Named hits.

But most importantly, it's time to dig up fall recipes! We had fun looking back at our bloggers' recipes for this season. Here's what fell off the tree.


Boozy Apple Cakes by tablefortwoblog
Ease your way into autumn by making rum cakes for the 21 and over crowd.


Coco-Ginger-Lemon Booster Shot by BakerPeabody
Rehydrate after a fall cold or flu bugs hits or after a night of partaking in one too many alcoholic beverages.


How to Host a Wine and Cheese Party by Jackiefo
One of the most fun parties to attend or to host is a wine tasting party. Here are a few tips on how to make your wine tasting work.


Spice "Cake Batter" Shots by michelle.p
A tray of these will disappear long before the fruitcake at your next holiday party!


Top 5 Beers for Fall by nybarfly
While summer is all about the easy-to-drink lagers and light beers, the beginning of the new season may leave you thirsting for more complex flavors in your beer mug.


Vanilla Rainbow Cake by sugarandcharm
Your friends won't be able to hold back their smiles once they see this colorful vanilla cake filled with shades of the rainbow!


3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Pulled Pork by Girl Who Ate Everything
Only 3 ingredients to moist, flavorful pulled pork that can be prepped in minutes and cooked in a slow cooker!


Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato Salsa by Cheeky Kitchen
This incredible meal is so easy to make. It's filling and splendid and chock full of good stuff. You're gonna want it for dinner nine nights a week!


Rainbow Pasta by Gimme Some Oven
This definitely falls in the "kicking pasta up a notch" category!


You Be The Judge Popcorn Mix by BC Taste Seekers
Customize these popcorn mixes with a variety of flavors that bring personality to the table. Which one is your favorite – Sugary Sweet, Angry Jerk, Worldly Spice or Flaky Nut? You be the judge.


Slow Cooker Apple Butter by BakedBree
A spicy and flavorful apple butter that is made in the slow cooker. You can use different varieties of apples for the best apple flavor, leave it chunky or puree it smooth.


Mini-Calzones with Roasted Butternut Squash and a Sage-Walnut Pesto by BevCooks
I can pretty much guarantee you'll do a giddy dance in your kitchen with these incredible mini-calzones filled with roasted butternut squash and sage-walnut pesto.


Pumpkin Pie Coffee Cake by Macheesmo
A nice soft coffee cake filled with a creamy pumpkin pie filling. Perfect for the holidays!


Fall Shepherd's Pie by TheFoodInMyBeard
A twist on a classic shepherd's pie that uses the type of flavors people crave in the autumn, like ground turkey, cranberry and sweet potato.


Sweet Potato Pie with a Cinnamon Roll Crust by GirlVersusDough
Can't decide between sweet potato pie and cinnamon rolls? I hear you. Now you can have both!