Pinterest Parties to <3

Created January 26, 2017
From planning fantasy food line-ups to finding awesome DIY inspiration, my friends and I are using Pinterest to create the most EPIC parties. MORE+ LESS-

I <3 Pinterest.

If you’re a newbie to this new social-sharing craze, Pinterest is a site where you can “pin” your favorite images onto “boards” -- kinda like an online scrapbook or wish list.  Even Tablespoon is pinning up a storm.

From planning my fantasy food line-up to finding awesome DIY inspiration, my friends are pinning some pretty awesome-sauce ideas.  That’s why we’ve started using these pins to create the most EPIC parties.  Here’s how you can host your own night of Pinterest PWNnage!

Get Board With Friends

Create a group party board where your peeps can pin their favorite party ideas.  Each month, one lucky buddy brings the board to life with noms and decorations directly from the group board.

Throw a “Pin Luck”

Ask each guest to bring one recipe they found on Pinterest and a pic of the original pin.  Using thumbtacks, guests can IRL pin their favorite dishes.  The most popular pinner wins a DIY kit to create a craft found on Pinterest.


There are so many super awesome crafty ideas on Pinterest that you can do while hanging out. Before the party, find a cool DIY project and @mention your friends in the pin comments.  Decide your favorite and ask each person to bring a supply for it.

The “After” Shock

Once the post-party mess has cleared, upload photos of the Pin-spired noms and crafts to an “after” board.  Not only can your friends see all the pics in one place, but they can share on their own boards, too.  One person’s “after” is another person’s “before.”

Pinterest FTW!

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