Pour the Win

By TBSP Nate
Created March 17, 2017

Does human creativity know no bounds? Apparently not when it comes to drinking—intrepid mixologists around the world are inventing all sorts of...wait for it...videogame cocktails!

Naturally, a blog has sprung up to chronicle this new trend. The Drunken Moogle has post after post of drinks that give FPS a whole new meaning. Now there’s a whole new way to display your gaming prowess and confound nOObs.

There are drinks for the casual/classic gamer to the obscure. Does your favorite game have a signature drink? If not, invent one!

I wouldn’t recommend ordering one of these out on the town, lest you set off a nerd alert and meet a bartender’s withering gaze. But if you are of age and so inclined, these could be pretty fun with friends—especially with motion-based systems.

Make your next party out of (ahem) controller--FTW!

- Nate