Quick and Tasty Lunch: Quesadillas

By Scaron
Created March 17, 2017
A cousin of the grilled cheese sandwich, quesadillas take just minutes to whip up. Try these quesadilla recipes! MORE+ LESS-

When you are short on time in the middle of the day, lunch can become this gargantuan task. Forget making something hot - just whipping anything up is tough.

Take a deep breath. It can totally be done - and pretty easily. You just need a cache of easy, tasty recipes that take no time.

Quesadillas totally fit that bill. A cousin of the grilled cheese sandwich, these warm and toasty creations take just minutes to whip up. And with a wealth of variations possible, you can make them as simple or complicated as you want them.

So, how do you make a quesadilla?

It's simple.

First, gather your ingredients. Have everything ready to go before you begin because quesadilla making happens really fast. Next, heat up a skillet on medium. Next, spray the pan lightly with some cooking oil.

Now, it's time to assemble your quesadilla. Toss one tortilla into the pan, top half of it with cheese and whatever toppings you want and then fold it in half. Cook for a few minutes on each side - flipping once - until the cheese is melted. Once it is, remove it from the pan and let cool for a few minutes.

To cut, a pizza cutter works really great. Just roll it through to create four triangular pieces.  Serve it up with whatever condiments you want, such as salsa, sour cream or guacamole. See? Easy as can be.

Now, if you have a little more time, a stuffed quesadilla can be really awesome as a quick lunch. One of my favorites is my Black Bean, Avocado and Red Pepper Quesadilla. The melty cheese, smooth avocado, crisp pepper bits and meaty black beans make this a perfectly filling meal.

Want to stuff it with something else? Check your leftovers! Diced, cooked chicken, steak and other proteins can be great in quesadillas. So can some veggies - like tomatoes or corn. Really, you are only limited by your imagination and tastebuds.

Now, ready for your quick quesadilla lunch? Here are a few more tasty ideas:

Sarah W. Caron (aka scaron) is a food writer, editor and blogger. Find her online at Sarah's Cucina Bella.