Retro Recipe Redo

By TBSP Susan
Created March 17, 2017
With just a couple quick stir-ins, you can rock your Steamers in ways that'd make even a humble hot dog wag its tail to share a plate! MORE+ LESS-

3 Ways to Rock Your Steamers

Retro Recipe Redo gives old recipe faves a mini makeover so they're easier and quicker for today's busy cooks.

Got a famished family? There are lots of quick dinners out there for us to slam together on a night when there's like, oh, 15 minutes max to eat before blitzing out the door again. This is one of the great bennies of living in the microwave-everything age.

But sometimes you need something quick-o to go with that frozen burrit-o. Something that tastes real -- like Mom used to make.

Go Steamers! Side dishes on the fly!

Steamers are pretty much the best food invention since frozen pizza. There's corn or green beans or even colorful veggie mixes. All of 'em nuke minutes-fast and taste garden fresh. And, don't get me wrong -- they're awesome just the way they are. But that doesn't mean you can't kick 'em up a gear or two ... as in serious old-fashioned side-dish taste without the hassle of the stove and oven.

Wanna know how to do that?

With just a couple quick stir-ins, you can rock your Steamers in ways that would make even a snobby New York Strip steak happy to see 'em or a humble hot dog wag its tail to share a plate. And when you make these fast 'n furious side dishes, you're going to see why some new-fangled ways of cooking shred the old-fashioned boil-em-til-they-surrender days.

Check this out (click on titles or photos to go to recipe pages):

1) Kicky Corn

Just a few savory stir-ins max the flavor of your Steamers Niblets corn.

2) Blazin' Beans (featured)

A super-quick stir of Dijon mustard, mayo, sour cream and cayenne makes Steamers green beans sing up an octave.

3) Zesty Veggies

A splish-splash of lemon juice and a tickle of Italian seasoning and slivered almonds boot your Healthy Colors Steamers blend into next week!

The good ol' days gave us an appreciation for flavorful foods. The great new days give us that stuff ... lots quicker!

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