Sandwiches, A Childhood Favorite Revisited

Created March 14, 2017
Childhood fave sandwiches are always a hit -- for adults too! MORE+ LESS-

On Saturday I was standing with the fridge door open, trying to piece together a quick lunch before heading out to the grocery store. I know from experience that I can’t shop on an empty stomach—doing so is a complete disaster and I come home with nothing I need, and everything I don’t.

What I found to eat transported me back to my childhood. All it took was some fairly stale bread and a wedge of questionable cheese which I turned into an awesome Grilled Cheese sandwich. To go with it I found a can of tomato soup that I warmed up on the stove. If you have more time, try this recipe for Fire Roasted Tomato Soup.

The lesson was clear. Food doesn’t need to be complicated to be good. And what you will find on Tablespoon is many delicious and uncomplicated recipes.

You may find some surprises too, like this Grilled Cheese-Tomato Soup recipe. I might just try it this weekend. Unless I’m still eating turkey, that is!

So, what foods take you back to your childhood?  Sign in and let us know!