Snow Day Ideas for Grown Ups!

By Jackie Fo
Created March 14, 2017
Everyone loves a good snow day. Keep your eyes on the weather report, and when you see snow hit your Doppler radar, start planning for a fabulous snow day! MORE+ LESS-

Whether you’re 4 or 34, everyone loves a good snow day.

Who wouldn’t enjoy having a built in excuse to stay snuggled up on the couch watching movies while pigging out on your favorite comfort foods? Keep your eyes on the weather report, and when you see snow hit your Doppler radar, start planning for a fabulous snow day!

S’more snow please!

Picture this: Snowflakes are falling outside your window and suddenly you get a hankering for some chocolate and marshmallows. BAM– best idea ever – indoor s’more making! Forget the campfire s’mores, that’s been done a million times. Plus, hello? It’s snowing outside! Don’t let that pesky snow get in the way of your date with chocolate and graham crackers. Set up an indoor campfire, snuggle up in blankets and gather your s’more materials. Roast those marshmallows until your heart’s content using your fireplace or even pillar candles. (Note – PUH-LEASE be careful…nothing kills the buzz of a snow day party like a visit from a fire truck.) Brave the cold to pick out your favorite mallow roasting twigs to get that rustic outdoorsy feel, and go to town.  Mmmm mmm good.


Chillin’ with chili.

Nothing says cold weather food to me much like chili. Have some stocked away in your freezer for the perfect snowy occasion. The steamy, hearty chili will complement your leisurely day of snow-watching and lounging perfectly. For more chili ideas than you can even dream of, check out this awesome Tablespoon chili recipe collection.


Movie marathon madness.

This is pretty obvious, but if you’ve been waiting on the perfect excuse to watch all the Harry Potters or catch up on your Twilight movies (Team Edward 4 Life), a snow day would be your prime opportunity. The weather outside is frightful, after all!


Hot cocktails for cold days.

Cocktails are a must for your snowy day. Try a hot toddy or a boozy hot chocolate to warm your innards. If you are in the mood for something cold, be sure to rim your glass in white sugar crystals to give it that “snowy feeling.”  Who knows, after enough cocktails, you might be inspired to go outside and play in the snow. Snow angels and sledding are not just for kids!


Don’t let sunny weather deny you a snow day!

For those of you in sunny Cali or Florida who don’t reap the benefits of snowy weather, you can still celebrate! Have your friends over for a “Snow Day” party even if it is a balmy 75 degrees out. Everyone will love wearing scarves and mittens for a change…just be sure to crank up the AC inside! Serve wintery cocktails and roast marshmallows to complete the snowy effect. Save fake snow from Christmas (or hit the post-Christmas sales to buy some) to decorate the house with, and spray your windows with white snow spray!

Whether you’re in Vermont or San Diego, a fun snow day IS possible! Keep your eye on the forecast and be sure to stock up snow day goodies. Hope it snows where you are this year!