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Spoon Bread

By Girl Versus Dough
Created March 14, 2017
For those of us with a soft spot for cornbread (pun unintended really!), this version of the classic recipe is perfect. MORE+ LESS-

Some days are just not meant for baking. On these days, laziness wants to win. Yet you still really want something warm, gooey and yummy from the oven.

A conundrum has presented itself. What do you do?

Dare you lift yourself from the cozy blanket cocoon in which you’ve wrapped yourself on the couch to satisfy your baked goods craving? Or do you wallow in your sloth, hoping someone else will magically read your mind and present you with a piping-hot bowl of baked deliciousness?

Let’s be honest: The former is far more likely.

Now, once you’ve dragged yourself off of the couch, it’s time to make all that effort worth it. In other words, it’s time to make this Crusty Soft-Center Spoon Bread.

For those of us with a soft spot for cornbread (pun unintended – really!), this version of the classic recipe is perfect for those moments when you’re craving lava cake and biscuits at the same time (it happens). Warm and gooey on the inside, with that layer of brown-butter crunch on top, all blended together with the savory, fantastic flavor of homemade cornbread…it’ll melt in your mouth before you even have the chance to complain about having been away from your couch for this long.

The process of making this bread is as simple as can be – mix all the ingredients together in a dish, bake and you’re done. And the best part? You have to wait zero seconds once you take it out of the oven to eat it. Okay, maybe wait a minute or two so you don’t scorch your tongue, but after that, dig right in! That’s what this bread was made for.

It even fits perfectly in a bowl, the kind that likes to cuddle up with you and your cocoon of a blanket on a lazy day.

RECIPE: Crusty Soft-Center Spoon Bread

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