Summer Fondue It!

By Jackie Fo
Created March 15, 2017
Just because it's summer doesnt mean you can't dip your food into bowls of creamy goodness. Just summer-ize them with these light and summery fondue dips. MORE+ LESS-

Sometimes it’s a fondue, and other times it’s a fon-don’t.

I am of course referring to the deliciously gooey, stringy and cheesy delectable treat fondly (couldn’t help myself) known as fondue. While dipping carb cubes into steamy hot cheese may not be healthy, it has been known to cure my winter blues.

But news flash, people: It’s summertime, hey-o! Have no fear—this doesn’t mean you need to quit dipping your food into bowls of creamy goodness. It just means it’s time to “summer-ize” them with these light and summery fondue dips.

Strawberry Fruit Dip

Do you ever go overboard at the farmers market? Exhibit A: Is it really necessary to buy four pounds of grapes? Maybe not, but if you make this delicious strawberry fruit dip, your fruit will be gone before you can say “More, please.” Affectionately known as Drewberry Dip, named for my sister-in-law Drew, who makes this ALL THE TIME, this perfect appetizer or dessert dip couldn’t be easier. Just mix together one tub of marshmallow fluff with one tub of strawberry cream cheese (regular, light, or fat – free – it doesn’t really matter). Let it get soupy and fondue-y and start dipping! Your fruit has never tasted so good. For an intense flavor explosion overload, try dipping a strawberry INTO the strawberry dip. Whoa!

Cocktail Sauce Fondue

Maybe you just went shrimping, a la Bubba Gump? Or you bought some shrimp from that guy’s cooler at the farmers market last weekend (seriously, I saw a guy open his cooler and it was filled with shrimp—yikes!). Or you know what, maybe you just bought it frozen—ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Gather up some of those bad boys and your favorite cocktail sauce and start dipping for a refreshing summer appetizer! For a spicy cocktail sauce, add a touch of horseradish. Or get a little wild and crazy by adding bourbon to your cocktail sauce, a la this Shrimp with Bourbon Cocktail Sauce recipe from Betty Crocker.

Deconstructed Salad Fondue

It’s a fact: Salads are boring. Change that tune by displaying colorful vegetables in a pretty pattern along with a bowl full of ranch dressing. Why not dip your lettuce and crudités into a savory bowl of your favorite ranch dressing? Not so boring anymore, is it?

Bottom line, if you are dipping a fruit, vegetable, carb or meat into it, it counts as a fon-do! Dip away, summer friends!

Fancy Fondues

Drewberry Dip (Featured below)

Shrimp with Bourbon Cocktail Sauce

Milk Chocolate Fondue

Caramel-Coffee Fondue