#TBT: Pies from 1950 Betty Crocker Cookbook

By TBSP Susan
Created March 16, 2017
Pies from 1950 Betty Crocker Cookbook
The pie recipes in this vintage Betty Crocker cookbook look as delish today as they did back then. MORE+ LESS-

Betty Crocker's 1950 cookbook had its share of pie recipes.

This vintage Betty Crocker cookbook is filled with great recipes and ideas for entertaining.

The pages are as inspiring today as they were "back in the day". The book is also a great time capsule that shows the kitchens and styles of yesteryear.

Check out how the boys are all playing in the illustration above, and the girls are all helping get the meal ready! Okay, so that can still happen these days – but we'd at least be more careful about not portraying it stereotypically, right?!

Times may have changed, but one thing is still true: We love us some pies! And these pies from the old cookbook sure look yummy:


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