The Secret to Making Killer Veggies (Every Single Time)

Created January 26, 2017
Remember that whole concept of shaking and baking your dinner? It’s back! MORE+ LESS-

And it’s so much better than you remember, thanks to The Good Table! They have four flavors that come with a delicious sauce and crust mixture to turn boring chicken and fish dinners into delicious weeknight meals with restaurant-inspired flavor.

So what does that have to do with vegetables? Everything! What they don’t tell you is their genius sauce and crust mixtures have transformative powers over pretty much every vegetable you can think of. We put them all to the test and here’s what we found (spoiler alert: we’re obsessed).

A few quick notes to get started:

  • We cooked everything at 400°F as instructed on the box
  • We put our oven rack in the top third of the oven
  • Cooking times varied, but were generally in the 5-7 minute range, so keep a close eye
  • Applying a thin, even layer of the sauce with a brush gave the crunchiest results


The Ingredients
White onion rings, halved Roma tomatoes, asparagus and 1-inch thick pieces of pork tenderloin

The Results
This flavor is so versatile, we had trouble narrowing it down to our favorite four ingredients. The box suggests pairing with chicken (and so do we!) but we also found it to a good match for pork. Also, if there is an easier way to make onion rings at home, we haven’t found it.


The Ingredients
Large shrimp, broccoli florets, red bell pepper slices, eggplant cut into 1-inch thick slices

The Results

This is where weeknight meals become anything but routine. Be honest, how often are you eating eggplant? Or anything Thai peanut flavored?  With this mix, it’s super doable. We loved how the crust made our favorite crunchy veggies even crunchier and gave us a new, no-fuss way to make shrimp.


The Ingredients
Large shrimp, 1-inch pieces of zucchini, carrot sticks, cauliflower florets

The Results
We’ve never met a lemon and herb dish we didn’t like—and this is no exception. Pair with carrots and you’ve got crunchy sticks of bliss, add to zucchini and you’ve got addictive chips, brush over cauliflower and wow, just wow. Lastly, use it to coat shrimp for the best non-fried, fried shrimp of your life.


The Ingredients
Summer squash (cut at an angle), white onion rings, orange bell pepper, avocado slices

The Results
There are a lot of items out there claiming to have real Southwestern flavor, but they often fall short. This is not one of them. The taste is so authentic and delicious and we’re happy to use it on all the things, especially avocado. If you haven’t made yourself avocado fries before, we recommend stopping whatever you’re doing right now to do so. They’re that good—really.