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What Your Favorite '90s Snack Says About You

Created March 15, 2017
Has any decade before or since nailed the snack game quite like the 90s? We think not. Take a walk down lunchbox memory lane and see what your best-loved snacks reveal about your true self.

When it comes to the best of the '90s, picking your favorite snack might be the most self-revealing choice since the great BSB-vs-*NSYNC debate. So put on your best JNCOs, pull up a papasan and hold on to your jelly pens, people: we’re going deep.


You’re a perfect yin-yang balance of introvert and extrovert. You’re outstanding all on your own because you know you’ve got everything you need inside of you. But you also love being surrounded by all your (equally awesome) favorite people who bring out the best in each other. (If you are the lone Gusher, your friend group is the giant Super Gusher formed when they fuse together.)


You are good vibes personified. Like the human equivalent of birthday cake-flavored everything, you just want life to have a few more sprinkles. You don’t take anything too seriously, and your friends and coworkers depend on your uncanny ability to make any room you’re in 10x happier. Like the portable packs of cookies and birthday cake frosting of yore, the party follows you wherever you go.

Fruit by the Foot

You’ve got enjoying life down to a science. Sure, you might be a bit of a rules person, but it’s only because you’re determined to squeeze the maximum amount of fun out of any given moment. Case in point: if someone handed you one of these yard-long fruit snacks, you’d have no shame busting out the tape measure to account for every last tenth of an inch. Your momma didn’t raise no fool.


You’ve always been one to stand out from the crowd, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Anything you do, you do boldly, and you’re 100 percent okay stirring up a little controversy. (Rye chips? Very polarizing, after all.) You and your friends are an eclectic group that somehow fits together just right, and have been going strong for decades—just like your favorite snack.

Pizza Rolls

No one knows how to make the most of downtime the way you do. You know life’s too short to deny a craving, and you make sure everyone around you takes time to smell the roses. As a kid you were ahead of your time, a binge watcher before anyone knew about binge watching. (We’re willing to be you still remember the SNICK and TGIF lineups—and we’re legitimately proud of you.)

Shark Bites

You’re a true force of nature, living proof that it’s possible to be soft and sweet and still make it to the top of the food chain. You’re not afraid to show your stripes, but you also know the importance of throwing in a little mystery from time to time. That’s what we call that the total package.


You know life’s too short to take yourself seriously—or do just one thing at a time. A true multitasker, you care equally about getting the job done and enjoying yourself while you do it. (Like snack time—a person’s got to eat, but there’s no law saying you can’t also pretend to grow a full set of edible wolverine claws while you’re at it.)

String Thing

Hey there, free spirit. You follow your own path, and that’s what makes you so delightful. We might not always know what you’re going to do next—we think you’ll zig, and then you zag!—but somehow, whatever move you make ends up being the right one, and we all enjoy the journey.

What you eat says a lot about you; choose wisely with these snack recipes.