Yoplait 2 Week Tune Up

By TBSP Eric
Created March 16, 2017

You could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks with the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up™ Plan

What to Eat & Do
With the Two Week Tune Up plan you replace breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait® Light, a grain and a fruit, and eat a sensible dinner rich in lean protein. Enjoy vegetables for snacks, and 3 additional servings of non-fat dairy, like skim milk, throughout the day with meals or snacks. Make sure to stay fit with 30-40 minutes of walking daily. Get more details here -

Study Description & Results
The Two Week Tune Up™ plan is based on a recent study. This study demonstrated that women lost a significant amount of weight when they replaced breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait® Light, a grain, and a fruit as part of a reduced-calorie, structured meal plan rich in lean protein, along with daily walking. Get more info about the study here -

Frequently Asked Questions
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