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Balloon Blobs

balloon blobs Other Course
Balloon Blobs
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Squish it, squeeze it and stretch it into different shapes. It’s a fun homemade toy that’s hours of fun. MORE+ LESS-

Updated February 22, 2007


Ordinary inexpensive balloon
Gold Medal™ all-purpose flour


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  • 1
    Blow up a balloon and keep it inflated for at least 1 minute. Do not tie a knot in the end. After 1 minute, let all the air out.
  • 2
    Fit a funnel into the open end of the balloon. Carefully spoon flour into the funnel, tapping and shaking the funnel to get the flour into the balloon. Put as much flour in the balloon as you can.
  • 3
    Remove the funnel. Tie a knot in the end of the balloon.
  • 4
    Wash and dry the balloon blob.
  • 5
    Draw a face or design on the blob with markers. Push, pull and stretch it into different shapes.

Expert Tips

  • Allow designs drawn on balloon blobs to dry before playing with them to avoid getting ink on your hands.
  • This is a great toy for big kids to enjoy outdoors.

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe

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