Mosaic Salt Candleholders

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Mosaic Salt Candleholders
  • Prep 30 min
  • Total 30 min
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Transform small glass jars, such as jam, jelly, pickle, spice and baby food jars, into these one-of-a-kind candlesticks. MORE+ LESS-

Updated February 22, 2007


Red and green or assorted colors dry tempera paint or liquid food color
Clear glass jars in assorted sizes
Wooden skewer
Candles in assorted sizes
Ribbon, if desired


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  • 1
    Divide salt into 3 equal parts. Mix 2 tablespoons dry tempera paint per 26-ounce container of salt in heavy plastic bag or large jar. Seal bag or cover jar and shake to mix evenly.
  • 2
    Using 2 or 3 colors of salt (including plain white), layer different colors in jar to within 1/2 inch of top. Push wooden skewer down inside edge of jar through layers of salt to create interesting design.
  • 3
    Insert candle into salt, nestling it deep enough for support but being careful not to disturb salt design. Tie ribbon around neck of jar.

Expert Tips

  • Smaller jars look attractive when grouped together. You can also use glasses or unusual glass containers for your candlesticks.
  • Soggy salt? If salt becomes too wet using liquid food color, allow it to dry uncovered until enough moisture evaporates for it to flow smoothly again.
  • The amount of salt you need will vary depending on the number and size of the jars you fill. Do you have leftover salt? If you used food color, you can surprise dinner guests with leftover colored salt in your salt shaker!

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