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20 Questions to Ask a Sandwich

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August is National Sandwich Month!

We got to wondering – what questions would we ask a sandwich?


1. Why are you so awesome?


Monte Cristo

2. Is the Monte Cristo the most noble of sandwiches?


Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

3. Do you prefer the crusts on or off?


Country Chicken Sandwich with Maple Mustard Spread

4. What’s your favorite condiment?


Tuna Pita Sandwiches

5. Do you secretly hate when pitas are called sandwiches?


Tofu Sandwiches

6. Diagonal or in half?


Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

7. Do you enjoy a dip now and again in au jus?


Milano Ciabatta Sandwich

8. Which do you enjoy saying more: ciabatta or focaccia?


Open Face Portobello Sandwich

9. Do you consider “open-face” an invasion of privacy?


Submarine Sandwich

10. Does being compared to a submarine give you a big head?


Ghostly Bologna Sandwiches

11. How do you really feel about bologna?


Chicken and Poblano Sandwich Rolls

12. Do you ever feel like you’re on a roll?


Herb Chicken Sliders

13. Are sliders accepted in your society?


French Fries

14. Who’s a better wingman, soup or fries?


Chicken Nicoise Salad Sandwich

15. Lettuce get serious, is a salad really a sandwich?


PB and J Ice Cream Sandwich

16. Ice cream sandwiches…can I get a high five?


BLT Sandwich

17. Which is your favorite: the B, the L, or the T?


Grilled Cheese on the Grill Sandwich

18. Do you worry about coming off a bit cheesy?


California Club Sandwich

19. Do you like to go clubbing?


Chicken Lunchbox Wrap

20. That’s a wrap!


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