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Double Rainbow Bread

Girl Versus Dough By

I have to say I’ve never made a recipe quite like this before...

When I was little, my mom would dye my macaroni and cheese a blue or green hue, which I apparently thought was the coolest thing ever. I also really loved those yogurts with the sprinkles that turned all the colors of the rainbow when you swirled in the sugary pieces. And I couldn’t get enough of that green ketchup phase!

But since my childhood, making or eating rainbow food wasn’t really part of my repertoire – until now.

This Double Rainbow Bread is a fun recipe to make – not only is it fun to look at, but dyeing the individual pieces is a process where creativity is key. Though I stuck with the primary colors red, blue and yellow, you can mix and match your own braid colors. Need a game-day food? Dye the bread the colors of your team. Need a Thanksgiving loaf? Make a red, orange and gold bread. Also, if you don’t want to completely dye each braid piece, don’t overly mix in the food coloring and there will be a nice color “swirl” in each piece.

The base of this recipe is a braided challah loaf, but you can use brioche or any other egg-based loaf for your own Double Rainbow Bread. It’s fluffy, slightly sweet and tasty all on its own.

One word of caution: Unless you want an ugly brown-colored loaf (and I don’t mean bread’s natural golden brown color), be sure to thoroughly clean out your stand mixer bowl and paddle attachment (or whatever you use to incorporate the food coloring) in between colors. Otherwise, have fun with it! This recipe would be especially great for kids to help with – and it’ll get just as much attention at the dinner table.

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