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Doughnut Holes

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When my mom was a teenager, she worked at a doughnut shop. Nearly every (very, very early) morning, she’d wake up, put on her pink and orange uniform, and go to work to sell warm, fresh doughnuts to early-bird customers. That’s where she met my dad, actually – he asked her out on their first date right in the shop. Well, over the phone, actually. Well, his friend asked her for him, over the phone, actually. Good grief.

That’s why I think I love doughnuts so much. If it weren’t for doughnuts, well, I wouldn’t be here. Plus, who doesn’t love fried dough covered in sugary frosting or a warm glaze? I, for one, will never pass up an opportunity for a good doughnut. And with a recipe like these Doughnut Holes –  which is super easy to make, takes little time and is positively delicious – I’m officially in doughnut heaven.

Doughnut Holes recipe

Why doughnut holes instead of actual doughnuts, you ask? Well, doughnut holes take little effort in the shaping department – just plop a teaspoonful of dough in the hot oil and, voila! Doughnut hole. Actual doughnuts take a little more time, but only a little, so if you want to use this recipe to make full doughnuts, go right ahead.

I like rolling my doughnuts in powdered sugar or a cinnamon-sugar mix so they taste like snickerdoodles. You can play around with this recipe however you want. Jelly-filled? No problem. Put a dab of your favorite jam in the middle of the teaspoonful of dough, pinch it closed and fry it to a deep-fried goodness. Chocolate or strawberry frosting? It’s a can-do, too. Just dip them in the glaze post-fry.

Doughnut Holes recipe

Click here for the full recipe.

Though making your own doughnuts might deter you from finding your own future love of your life at the doughnut shop, making them at home every once in a while is a fun treat. You can always visit the doughnut shop tomorrow!

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